A majority of the world’s population eats cereals, and people now refer to it as the typical breakfast meal. Since cereal is common worldwide, it is expected that it would have different varieties as well. As you already know, there are numerous brands for cereals, and at least 8 in 10 people will have individual preferences for cereal. 

This article focuses on cereals’ health and wellness as it would be looking at gluten-free cereals. Some people may understand what this means, while others will not. However, everyone will get a clear understanding at the end of the article.

Although there are different cereal variants, it is not all that is beneficial to your health, so you need to be mindful of what you eat. This article does not place any cereal type or brand above the other, but to create awareness on gluten-free cereals.

The goal is to ensure that individuals are healthier, even as they consume their favorite cereal brand as cereals can play a significant part in our daily nutritional balance if we pick them right.

Let’s begin by highlighting  some types of cereals;

Types of Cereals

It would not be right to start talking about gluten free cereals without understanding its definition and types correctly. Cereals are typically grasses that are cultivated for edible consumption. However, its edible component is either the seeds or grains.

The different types of cereals are:

  • Wheat: Wheat comes from a type of grass called Triticum. When talking about classes of food, it falls under the carbohydrate category. One can say that wheat is cultivated for its seed and used to process cereals and other things, including bread.

It has many health benefits, and we sometimes hear people say that wheat bread is the best to eat. It gives energy to the body and other functions. However, it becomes a problem when taken in excess.

  • Rye: Since we understand that cereals are either cultivated for their seeds or grains, it is not surprising that rye is grown for its grain. It is said that this cereal is closely related to both wheat and barley. People use rye to process different things, including bread, beer, vodka, and more. Rye comes in handy for vegans as it suits their preferences. It has many benefits but contains elements that might not be suitable for everyone.
  • Rice: We doubt that any country or continent does not have a rice variety amongst its local meals. Studies show that it is the third-highest consumed meal in Africa. Rice is a cereal cultivated for its grains, and it contains fiber that lowers cholesterol and reduces the chances of strokes and heart-related diseases.

You should also know that rice includes minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional benefits. However, eating rice is also linked to weight gain, associating it with obesity.

  • Millet: We all know about food classes, and people are usually curious to see the category that millet falls. One can say that millet is a portentous food, and it is a type of cereal cultivated for its grain.

 People say that millet comes in handy for hair growth, so you now know the kind of cereal to eat if you are experiencing hair loss. We can also say that it is a low calorie cereal as it helps to reduce blood sugar level.

  • Maize: It is a common type of cereal, and if you want to trace the origin of maize, it is associated with the people of Southern Mexico. Typically, maize is high in starch, but it is also a good protein source and other nutrients.

It is a cereal grain that is integrated into different types of meals, showing its versatility. It is common to hear people refer to maize as corn. The difference is in its state as boiled maize becomes corn.

  • Oat: Oat is a type of cereal cultivated for its seeds and associated with many health benefits, including low blood cholesterol. It would also not be wrong to describe oat as a low calorie cereal. One of the reservations that people have about oat concerns bloating is they feel that it leads to weight gain.

We cannot generalize on this as we have seen that it varies on different individuals. However, it is a favorite type of cereal.

  • Barley: History says that barley was one of the first cultivated grains and grown in temperate climates. It is also common to see that some people cannot differentiate between wheat and barley. Barley can be eaten in its original form or pealed, while you would have to ground wheat before usage.

 It is also one of those cereal grains that reduces cholesterol, risk of heart disease, weight gain, and has many other benefits.

  • Sorghum: Sorghum classifies as a versatile cereal as it can be eaten and converted in its complete form. It is in the Poaceae grass family with other species. Interestingly, sorghum is also used in the production of alcoholic beverages.

To prove its versatility, we can see that it is famous in different parts of the world, including South Asia, Central America, and Africa. It helps in weight loss, and studies show that it is the fifth most important cereal crop globally.

Gluten Free Cereals

We earlier mentioned that this article would focus on gluten free cereals, and we would be highlighting some cereals that can be classed under the top 15 gluten free cereals. However, some people do not know what gluten free cereals mean, so it would be best to have an overview.

You should know that gluten belongs to a family of proteins that can be found in some grains. Thus, it will be best if you do not assume that all cereals are gluten free.

If you can remember, cereals are usually cultivated for either their seeds or grains. You should know that some of these grains contain gluten, and it is not compatible with all body systems.

It is normal to see people who have been eating meals that contain gluten all their life and have never reacted to it. However, it would be inconsiderate to think that no one would respond to this gluten. It is common knowledge that no two individuals are the same, and this also reflects when it concerns how the body system operates and functions.

Some people decide to go on gluten free diets personally. It is their choice and dependent on various factors. However, it could be that they are extensive readers and have read on the problems associated with gluten, and they wish to be safe than to be sorry.

If you decide to abstain from gluten, it should also reflect on the type of beverages you consume. Thus, you should always check the ingredients of whatever you are purchasing.

Since there is now the knowledge that not all cereals are gluten free, you should know that wheat, rye, barley, and oats are some of the types of cereal that fall under this category. They typically contain gluten, except stated otherwise on the body of whatever you are purchasing.

Millet and Sorghum come as the safe bet when it concerns gluten free cereals, so we can say that it is best to purchase them if you are going on a gluten free diet.

Coeliac disease is a problem associated with gluten, but it affects less than 2% of the world’s population. If you have this disease, it means that your body reacts to gluten, seeing it as a strange element in the body system. In a bid to attack the gluten, your body system attacks the gut also, and it may lead to issues like anemia.

By going on a gluten free diet, which includes eating gluten free cereals, you repair your gut and other affected areas of the body system. To help you narrow down your search for gluten free cereals, here are 15 amazing cereal brands;

Top 15 Gluten Free Cereals

Since you know understand the idea of gluten free cereals, here are the top 15 gluten free cereals:

  • Nestle Corn Flakes: Corn flakes have wormed their way into the hearts of many people, and we see it as one of the most famous cereals worldwide. There are different brands, so we do not know your preference. However, research has shown that corn flakes by the Nestle brand are gluten free cereal.

Now, you know what to purchase the next time you go to the mall or store if you are on a gluten free diet. It is fortified with vitamins, irons, and other nutrients to ensure that individuals stay healthy. Some people express concern about the taste, but it remains nothing less delicious.

  • Honey Nut Cheerios: Understandably, some people may have reservations about buying these cheerios as it has oats as a part of its ingredients. However, there is the assurance that it was well processed to be gluten free cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios falls under the category of top 15 gluten free cereals as it contains 12 vitamins and minerals to ensure that its customers stay healthy.

 We can also say that it is a low calorie cereal and excellent iron and calcium source. You stand to benefit a lot by eating this cereal, including low risk of heart diseases. Always ensure that it is a part of your list.

  • Post-Fruity Peebles: One of the best parts of this cereal is that both children and adults can enjoy it. Lovers of fruits would usually enjoy it better due to the variety of fruity flavors. It is not surprising that it is the go-to option for people while they are shopping.

You have the assurance that you are eating healthy whenever you purchase it as it is a gluten free cereal. We would say that it is a typical breakfast meal as some people complain that they get hungry even after eating it. However, we know that you would enjoy it without any regrets.

  • Lucky Charms: It came as a relive to many people that one of their favorite cereals is now produced as gluten free, meaning that they can eat it even when on a gluten free diet. It also assures people that you can have fun while eating healthy.

Everyone can agree that lucky charms are among the most famous cereals worldwide, and having a gluten free option comes in handy. The idea is to ensure that no one stands the risk of reacting to gluten or having celiac disease. The goal for health and wellness puts this cereal on the list of top 15 gluten free cereals.

  • Vans: The Vans brand has various food options, ranging from pancakes to cereals and much more. They ensure that their ingredients include natural healthy elements that would not trigger anything in the body system. When purchasing any cereal from Vans, you are assured that it is a gluten free cereal.

Some people might complain that it would be hard to get this cereal, especially as the brand is not famous worldwide when compared to others. However, you can still get it if you dedicate adequate time to searching for it. In time, we are hopeful that it would be one of the top global brands.

  • Cocoa Pebbles: There should be no questions about purchasing cocoa pebbles as it is a naturally gluten free cereal. If you check, it is made from rice, which is not one of gluten cereal. We see that people always enjoy eating this cereal, and we know that you would as well. It is not a mistake that cocoa pebbles are a part of the top 15 gluten free cereals as they have many health benefits.
  • Post Honey Bunches of Oats: If you think of a gluten free cereal to buy, this should be on your list as you are shopping. It is made from rice and millet, which are naturally gluten free. It is important to note that only the chocolate flavor of the Post Honey Bunches of Oats is a gluten free cereal, so ensure that you do not buy the wrong option. There is always a delicious taste to it as you eat.
  • Barbara’s Honey Rice Puffins: It is not shocking that this cereal brand would be on the list as Barbara’s has some gluten free cereals. The honey rice puffins are 100% whole grain as it is made from whole grain rice to keep an individual strong and healthy. It is a low calorie cereal, also serving as a source of fiber and calcium. It also comes in handy as it is suitable for vegans.
  • Annie’s Organic Cinnabunnies Cinnamon Cereals: As the name implies, you can already tell that it contains many nutritional elements. It is a breakfast meal made from natural ingredients to ensure that the body system does not react to anything, and they also considered that some people might react to gluten. It is a safe option to purchase if you are on a gluten free diet, and the cinnamon flavor gives it a unique taste.
  • Gluten Free Oatmeal: There are usually arguments on whether oats are gluten free or not. It is easier to say that there is gluten in oats because of its closeness with wheat. However, if you get oats that have never been in contact with wheat, you can say that it is gluten free as it is in its natural state. Thus, a majority of oats are gluten free cereals and edible for consumption by those who are on a gluten free diet.
  • Nature’s Path: Nature’s path is a food brand that has become popular over the brands. However, its popularity started with its cereal production. The brand prides itself in producing organic food options that are gluten free.

They strive to ensure that they do not take any chances as one cannot know who would react to gluten. Thus, they want to ensure that their cereals are consumable by everyone. It is a safe bet to purchase.

  • Bob’s Red Mill Granola: If you love to eat granola, one of Bob’s Red Mill is one of the best gluten-free varieties to buy. It has different flavor options concerning its gluten free cereal, and you would see it clearly labeled on the packaging.

Thus, it is not hard to miss. This granola is usually filling, so it is a perfect breakfast meal. Since it contains many nutrients, you know that your health is covered, and you will also be in a fit state.

  • Cinnamon Chex: It is one of the top 15 gluten free cereals as they ensure no gluten during the production process. Studies have shown that many people enjoy eating this cereal, so it assures that you can eat what you love while staying healthy. There are no artificial flavors added to this cereal as they strive to ensure that all ingredients are organic. It has been around for years and keeps being enjoyable.
  • Thrive Market Coconut Flake: People say that variety is the spice of life, and it is always lovely when there are different options. We do not know if you have ever tasted coconut flakes, but this is something that everyone should try, as it is gluten-free.

As one of the top 15 gluten free cereal, it is not shocking that all its ingredients are organic. Further research shows that the Thrive Market brand also has other food options that are also organic and gluten-free.

Common Questions and Answers

Is corn syrup gluten free?

We can say that it is safe to take corn syrups if you are allergic to gluten. As the name implies, it is made from corn, otherwise known as maize. However, this cereal grain is not associated with having gluten.

Are fruit loops gluten free?

Fruits loops are made from wheat, so they are not gluten free. You should always remember that wheat is a type of cereal that has gluten.

Are marshmallows gluten free?

Some marshmallows are made from corn-starch, while others are from wheat-starch. The ones made from corn-starch are gluten free, while the others are not gluten free. It will be best always to remember this when making a choice.

Are cheerios gluten free?

When oats remain in its natural form, it is gluten free. Cheerios are typically made from oats, so it is safe to say that it is gluten free.

Are corn flakes gluten free?

Some corn flakes are gluten free, while others are not. Most of the available corn flakes contain malt, which is gotten from barley, and it contains gluten. However, Nestle corn flakes is a gluten free option.

Is honey gluten free?

Yes, honey is gluten free.

Is raisin bran gluten free?

Raisin bran is made from wheat bran, so it is not gluten free. Although some companies might be out to produce gluten free alternatives, it will be hard to find.

What is low sodium cereal?

Low sodium cereals are cereal options with lesser salt components.


If you are allergic to gluten, do not ever feel that you will not enjoy cereals. If you think that way, you now know the top 15 gluten free cereals you can buy. For those who have never heard of gluten, you now know what it entails.

We hope you have learned something new; please, leave a comment in the comment section, let us know what you think.

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