Are you in search of exciting activities? Then look no further than Spokane Washington.  Spokane offers visitors of all ages and preferences that once in a lifetime opportunity to get close to nature. If you love nature and its embodiment, then you’ll enjoy Spokane, Washington. You’ll also find parks galore, hiking trails, and winter activities such as snowshoeing and skiing. 

Spokane is the place to go for traveling enthusiasts that can’t wait to see something different. If you’ve got kids, you need not worry about how they’ll all be catered for, thanks to their museums and historical sites such as the fountains and antique carousels to relax during your stay in the city.

For every music lover, the city will cater to your musical taste in the hearts of Spokane Washington. You get to attend different concerts or witness live musical performances at vibrant bars right in the southern district of the ever-buzzing city.

In simple terms, Spokane, Washington is a scenic destination located in the core of other natural sights. It is also known to be the gateway to the American West. Since the days of being a rail hub, the city has come a long way, heavily transforming into a progressive city with lots of outdoor opportunities while also retaining that superb feel of inland Northwestern vibrant culture.

So, why don’t we explore some of the things we do in Spokane Washington? Let’s get to it:

The Top Ten Things to Do In Spokane

  • Mobius children’s Museum

It’s a beautiful museum where your kids can learn more about science, art, and culture. The main goal is to educate children interestingly. The environment makes it easy for children to learn more, thanks to the galleries that sit within it. These galleries are infused with stunning themes for your kids to enjoy.

Other galleries include “Geotopia” – a place where your kids can learn more about geography. There are interactive and transparent tanks there with lots of insects and reptiles – a place where young tourists can learn more about nature and the ecosystem.

You also have the “Globe Theater,” where you’ll find musical performances, dance, and storytelling all day long.

  • ROW Adventure Center

The ROW Adventure Center is one of the great delights of Spokane Washington. Here, you have the luxury to get outdoors and absorb nature’s beauty and the incredible scenery that comes with it. If adventure is what you seek, then ROW Adventure Center will help you do just that.

The company in charge of the center runs different adventure packages to explore Spokane Washington’s natural scenery. You can also indulge yourself in white water rafting situated along the scenic and ever-flowing Spokane River.

As you travel along the Spokane River, you’ll be able to witness the entire majestic natural features such as the rocky bluffs and forestlands. Meanwhile, if you are a keen birdwatcher, then be on the lookout for ospreys and eagles that inhabit that area.

  • Latah Creek Wine Cellars 

Founded in 1982, Latah Creek Wine Cellars has been in business ever since. That shows they have an in-depth knowledge of what they do, and when you talk about wine and everything it entails. It’s a family business and holds lots of awards, thanks to its ability to combine traditional techniques to blend grapes to produce the best wine out there.

If you are a grape enthusiast, then you shouldn’t miss out on a tour around the winery. You’ll get to see their facilities, where you can sample their wines and some of the other products that are currently on sale.

One of Latah Creek Wine Cellars’ signature blends is the well-known Merlot wine, though they have different white wines, including the popular Chardonnay. Safe to say, you’ll find something that tickles your taste bud.

  • Manito Park

Here is a ninety-acre greenfield located in Spokane Washington. It is a top favorite with the locals, all thanks to the different offer activities.

If you wish to cool off, enjoy the city’s serenity with a family picnic on any of the lawns – creating memorable moments together. You can also try out sports in communal spots such as baseball diamonds.

The flowers and plants are quite diverse, and if you love birds, you’ll enjoy watching all the local bird species located in Manito Park.

They’ve got themed gardens right there in the Manito park, including a Japanese garden and dahlia garden, coupled with a glass conservatory that houses different tropical plants that flourish even during the winter seasons.

During the winter, snow is relatively standard. Also, sledding seems to be one way to pastime around here.

  • Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

For tourists interested in the history of this region, and most importantly, the Native American backstory which resides in that region, then the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is where you’d learn about all of it.

Next to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, you’ll find five different historical and cultural exhibitions, and you’ll find many pieces of fantastic art and antiques and period memorabilia.

The NorthWestern Museum also offers guided tours around the establishment. Also, in Campbell House – which is also a historical landmark that dates back to the 18th century. Expect historical maps, photographs, and lots of unique antique books at the museum. It also gives you a clear picture of the historical side of Spokane Washington, in the old days.

  • Centennial Trail

For anyone who loves hiking, this 37.5 mile-long trail will not be missed during a visit to Spokane. The course starts at the official state line and ends in Washington at the famous Nine Mile Falls, and it stretches across the scenic Spokane Washington.

They also skirt along Riverfront Park. However, if you continue to follow that path, it will take you through the countryside areas all through the east and west of the city in both directions.

As the trails draw closer to Riverfront Park and follow that path through the city center, you will come across the countryside areas located in the Eastern and Western parts of the city in both directions.

Closer to the Spokane River, expect a plethora of flora and fauna here, and birdwatchers can enjoy the scenery of popular birds. 

  • Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

When you travel a little over twenty miles outside of the center of Spokane Washington, you will come to Mount Spokane State Park. On this mount, you can find chairlifts that’ll carry tourists to a peak of almost six thousand feet, where they can take off and enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter season.

Some of the things that make this ski and snowboard park unique are the nighttime skiing activities and the snow tubing. There are also rustic lodges there if you wish to extend your stay. The summit houses the Vista House, which dates back to the beginning of the late 30s and served mouthwatering meals to skiers for decades.

  • The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

It is made up of three smaller church buildings that have been merged over the years to form a vast cathedral complex. The cathedral as it stands dates back to 1954 and is made of local sandstone and towers for 180-feet across Spokane. 

The cathedral is known all over Spokane city for its decorative features, including ornate stonework and pretty stained glass. There is also a pipe organ right in the church. It has more than four thousand individual tubes.

  • John A. Finch Arboretum
John A. Finch Arboretum

Nature lovers and tourists, in general, ensure not to miss out on the Arboretum on a path to Spokane Washington. It is a 64-acre facility that has extensive collections of flora in the region. 

The Arboretum was built in honor of prominent local business people and had more than two thousand plants, trees, and flowers like lilacs.

You’ve got trails in this Arboretum to take tourists on an enthralling trip around the many species there, as well as the Nature Trail is serene and interactive. It all offers the luxury to be close to unique scents plus eye-popping colorful foliage right there on display.

  • Riverfront Park 
Riverfront Park

Here is one park that can easily be considered one of the top gardens in the entire state. It also sits on a hundred acres, which also includes its island. 

The Riverfront Park is encapsulated by wild woodland, a place where locals and tourists alike can roam the path and hike too. There are many historical and cultural attractions, including a clock tower structure that dates back to 1902 and a Looff Carrousel in 1909. For young visitors, there are many activities such as the Parks Rotary Fountain, where they can play when the summer hits, or you can explore the well-known red wagon.

If you wish to try out some of the relaxing activities, try out the Spokane Washington’s Falls SkyRide, which will take tourists up and let everyone look downward from the falls sky ride on the glorious Spokane Washington.

Honorable Mention:

  • Witness the Spokane Interstate Fair 
Witness the Spokane Interstate Fair

The annual Spokane County Fair, subsidiary of the Spokane interstate fair, also marks the starting point for this Fall.  Tourists will get the chance to witness the Spokane county fair’s beauty, which is symbolic for celebrating the agriculture and farm industries. The fair takes place around September and is always a fantastic sight.

The Best Hotels in Spokane, WA

Spokane Washington is well known for its beautiful Riverfront Park and the Spokane River that runs through the city. Downtown is usually lively with different music venues, art venues, and all sorts of playhouses. We’ve highlighted some of the best hotels in Spokane WA.

  • Montvale Hotel 
Montvale Hotel

The Montvale Hotel is a historic boutique hotel in the heart of Spokane’s vibrant arts and entertainment district, where music venues, museums, and the Riverfront Park are just a mile (1.6 kilometers) away. The Montvale Hotel is a fine place to stay.

  • The Historic Davenport Hotel 
The Courtyard Marriott Spokane Downtown at the Convention Center

The Montvale Hotel is Washington’s State’s grandest hotel. It opened in Spoken, Washington, back in 1914 under the guidance of Louis Davenport. An architectural beauty, the historic Davenport Hotel has a Spanish Renaissance lobby and the Hall of Dodges, one of Spokane Washington(‘s) oldest ballrooms. They renovated the hand-painted fresco, marble, woodwork, and genuine gold leaf all around the lobby hearth two decades ago.

  • Hotel Ruby
Hotel Ruby

Right across the street from the historic Bing Crosby Theater, the Knitting Concert Factory Concert House is an ideal alternative for a downtown Spokane Place to stay while you are there. It’s close to Riverfront Park and some other structures you’ll see in Spokane Washington. Hotel Ruby is a locally headquartered group in Spokane, with lots of locations all around the Pacific Northwest. There’s also the Sapphire Lounge, which serves happy-hour food and mixed drinks.

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Spokane City Center
The Courtyard Marriott Spokane Downtown at the Convention Center

Right in Spokane’s heart and closely connected by sky bridge to Spokane Convention Center, DoubleTree by Hilton Spokane City Center. The hotel is environmentally friendly, and some of the features of this hotel include amenities such as the complimentary airport shuttles and the signature chocolate chip cookies.

  • The Courtyard Marriott Spokane Downtown at the Convention Center
The Courtyard Marriott Spokane Downtown at the Convention Center

Here is an award-winning GreenLeaders hotel – one of the few environmentally conscious hotels. Courtyard Spokane is near Riverfront Park and Gonzaga University. The hotel offers different amenities, including but not limited to a fitness center equipped with cardiovascular equipment, The Bistro, and an indoor pool. The Bistro is a section of the hotel where you can buy “health-conscious” meals. It (the Bistro) also has a bar.


There you have it, everyone; these are a few things to do when you find yourself in Spokane Washington. The magnificent flora and fauna, the beautiful structures, the thrilling activities, and the hotels are some of the reasons why you need to book the next flight heading for Spokane Washington. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below; we’ll be glad to hear from you. Cheers!

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