Have you come across people that seem like they have extra skins in some parts of their bodies? Sometimes, it looks like pimples, but you will realize that it is different on further inspection. Such a situation is called a skin tag.

One might want to call this a skin disease, and they would not be wrong. However, we want you to know that having skin tags is not a death sentence, as they are usually harmless. However, some persons might not feel comfortable with it. Thus, necessitating the need to find a cure.

You may be wondering how to differentiate skin tags from pimples and other skin related issues. The difference is in how it is connected to the skin. Typically, they are connected to the skin by a small stalk called a peduncle. Skin tags are made up of blood vessels and collagen surrounded by an outer layer of skin.

The color of a skin tag depends on a person’s complexion, so we cannot generalize. Some tend to be darker, while others will be a lighter shade.

Anyone can get affected by skin tags, so it is not gender-dependent. Some people might say that it affects older persons, but we would say that it can affect persons of any age as we have seen both younger and older persons with skin tags.

We know that you may also be curious about how a person may develop skin tags. It is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of this skin condition, but it can be genetic. Other times, it can be caused by friction from clothes and other elements.

However, it would help if you do not discriminate against a person with skin tags as the condition is not contagious. Often, people forget that they have skin tags as it rarely causes discomfort.

This article will cover some ways you can prevent skin tags and their removal tools.

How to Prevent Skin Tags

We get questions about how people can prevent skin tags, and we would always respond that there are no scientifically proven means of preventing skin tags.

Having skin tags is a condition that happens naturally to some people, and you have to deal with it or find a means of removal. However, there are some ways you can lessen how often you would develop skin tags.

Some of these ways are:



Some studies say that skin tags are bound to appear when a person suddenly adds extra weight as it is your body’s reaction to the sudden shift.

If you have been on the slimmer side for a long time and suddenly add weight for one reason or another, your body’s response may be skin tags development. Thus, it is advised that people should exercise regularly.

We do not discourage you from adding weight if you desire or saying that this will happen to everybody. However, it is a precautionary means if you do not like any blemish on your skin.

Every individual should study their body and know a perfect weight. Regular workout is advised so that you can control your weight. Asides from the fear of developing skin tags, everyone can agree that weight control is essential as it aids in avoiding other health issues.

If you have not been serious about weight control, you should start making plans for it.

Keep your Body Dry

There is a common conception that skin tags happen on the neck, armpit, elbows, etc. The idea is that it occurs in places where the skin folds and such areas should be dry. There are also cases where you can get skin tags on the face.

When these highlighted places are moist or sweaty and contact things that can cause friction, it could lead to skin tags.

If you are the sporty type or usually involved in activities that cause sweat, you should always walk around with a towel to dry up your moisture so that there will be no further complications.

It could also be that you are always sweaty. It will again come in handy if you have a towel. You should even know that your towel is a personal item, so you should not share it with anyone.

One can say that personal hygiene plays an essential role in the prevention of skin tags. It may not seem like a big deal, but it goes a long way.

Avoid Clothes or Jewelry that Causes Friction

People are usually advised to wear clothes that make it easy for them to move around, aiding blood circulation. There are many reasons for this, and one is to avoid friction, which would lead to skin tags.

If you think about it, most athletes do not wear jewelry while engaging in their activities. To some, it could be to avoid injuries, and this can also be through friction.

It is common knowledge that people are bound to sweat while engaging in sporty activities, and it could cause friction when joint with jewelry. If your clothes are tight and you are sweating, you know that the clothes will stick to your body, leading to conflict.

Since you already know that friction is one of the leading causes of skin tags, it is best to avoid it. Thus, you should wear freer clothes and avoid jewelry that causes friction. Asides from the fear of conflict leading to skin tags, you will also realize that it is more comfortable to dress this way.

Skin Tag Removal Techniques

Since some people are particular about removing skin tags, it will be right for you to know some of the tools and processes involved if you decide to go to a hospital.

However, it is helpful to know that these tools and processes are usually painful. Thus, you should not agree to it if you cannot withstand pain.

The skin tag removal tools and processes are:


If you can remember, we mentioned that you need to have a high pain tolerance level to undergo or use some skin tag removal tools and processes. This method validates our statement as it involves the use of a sharp object.

We do not mean to cause any panic as the doctors are professional and will administer an anesthetic before beginning the process to ensure that you are calm. The pain level is reduced. However, you should know what you are getting into.

The process involves your doctor cutting off the skin tag using a scalpel or surgical scissors. Sometimes you may accidentally shave off a skin tag without even realizing it. However, some skin tags have cells that go underneath the skin and may need a deeper cut to remove the entire tag and prevent it from regrowing. Cuts like these require stitches.

It is a technical process, so you should seek a certified doctor to undergo this process.


We would assume that you can withstand the heat if you are subscribing to this skin tag removal tool and process as it involves burning off the skin tag.

It is helpful to know that Cauterization is not peculiar to skin tags alone as it is also used for other situations. It was a popular process before the advent of antibiotics, which are now deemed safer.

Cauterization is when an electric current is passed through a wire until it is hot enough to burn off the upper layers of skin. Usually, you will need more than one treatment to remove a skin tag. The procedure works to burn through the narrow stem that attaches the skin tag to the skin. This method is effective in preventing bleeding.

It is best to know that there is also a downside to this method as it damages tissues in the process. Thus, explaining why it is not always the first thing advised if you seek medical help.


One can say that this is one of the less painful skin tag removal tools as it leaves a relaxed feeling on your body during the process. As with most of the skin tag removal tools and techniques, you can also use this method for other issues and conditions.

It involves the doctor removing your skin tag by freezing it with liquid nitrogen. Another name for Cryotherapy is cold therapy. Thus, it is not surprising that it is also used to relieve muscle pain, sprains, and swelling after soft tissue damage or surgery.

This method is what gave rise to freezing kits, an alternative home remedy for removing skin tags. You may get a few blisters from where the skin tag is, but it’s nothing to worry about. They usually heal on their own.

We cannot precisely say how much it would cost to undergo this process, especially as it will be dependent on different factors. You can try it if you desire, but you should keep in mind that the long-term side effects of undergoing this process have not been thoroughly studied yet.

Home Remedies for Skin Tag Removal

Sometimes, people prefer to carry out home remedies for skin tag removal, but they are confused about the best way to go about it. They also feel that these home remedies will be less painful.

Some home remedies have proven to work for some people, but we do not say that it would always be useful.

You can try it to see if you will get a positive result. It will be best if you are careful during the home remedy processes as the affected areas could be close to essential genitals such as the eyes, and you do not want damages.

Some of them are:

Skin Tag Removal Bands and Patches

Another name for this process is ligation. You need to know that cells are the base of skin tags. Thus, one can describe these cells as the powerhouse. Using skin tag removal bands and patches help to cut off this base.

They cut off blood supply from the skin tag base during the process, which causes its cells to die, and the skin tag falls away.

If you are curious about how it works, you should know that the removal bands and patches usually contain medication, and leaving a patch on a tag for several days or weeks could cause the tag to fall off.

It seems like an easy method, but we would advise you to do your research on over-the-counter products for skin tags as many of them are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Cutting or Clipping

One of the first thoughts that people think about skin tags is to cut or clip them off. However, you should know that it is a dangerous method and should be done with the utmost care and professional help.

It is one of the skin tag home remedies, so we cannot help but add it to the list. However, we would advise against it. If you wish to go ahead with this method, you should clean the skin area and the cutting tools to be used thoroughly to avoid infections.

It is common knowledge that this method will be painful, especially as you are doing it personally. Thus, it would help if you took pain killers before starting the proves. The skin tag’s location also plays a huge role as you should avoid this method if the skin tags are around the eyes or genitals.

Tea Tree Oil

There are many uses of tea tree oil today, especially when it concerns the skin. Thus, it should not be surprising that it is on the list of home remedies for skin tag removal.

You should not expect to see instant effects when using the tea tree oil as it would take time if it would work. We are sure that skincare enthusiasts would agree with this also.

Here is a guide on the procedure:

•           Clean your face by washing it or using a wet wipe

•           Apply some of the tea tree oil on some cotton wool

•           Using a bandage, affix the cotton wool on the skin tag and leave it for about 10 minutes

•           Repeat the process daily.

Removal Creams

Some removal creams can be useful in skin tag removal, and using them would classify as a home remedy. We cannot recommend any of these creams as it would be wrong to generalize.

Thus, it would be best to research the various available skin tag removal cream options, check their ingredients, and pick the one with ingredients you do not react to.

It is best to keep in mind that using these creams is a gradual process and not magic. Thus, follow the instructions and be religious about the application. We are sure that you would eventually see results.


We hear some people say that using iodine to remove skin tags has worked for them. You can also try it to see if it will be useful. However, we advise that you are careful and do not use it around sensitive areas.

Here is what we gathered on how they use it:

•           Soak a Q-tip in iodine and spread the liquid across the skin tag

•           Cover the area with a bandage and let dry

•           Repeat procedure twice a day until the skin tag falls off

Apple Cider Vinegar

If people include Apple Cider Vinegar as a part of their skincare routine, it should not be surprising that some people also use it as a home remedy for skin tag removal.

We know that it is not favorable for everyone, so ensure that you do not react to it before using it. We cannot say that this method would work for everyone, but it is always worth trying.

Here is how this method is done:

•           Soak cotton wool in some ACV

•           Apply it to the affected area for 10 minutes using a bandage

•           Repeat this process 2-3 times a day until the tag falls off


We want to emphasize that skin tags are harmless on the skin, and people often forget about them. Thus, you can do without removing them. However, if you are particular about your skin and do not like the skin tags, you can try any of the tools or procedures we have highlighted.

We do not guarantee that the home remedies would always work, but nothing is wrong in trying as it has worked for some people. We hope that you get positive results!

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