Single Leg Deadlift; How to do it, Common Mistakes and Common Questions

How do you keep fit? Fitness has become a significant part of many individuals’ lives, and we see people engaging in various activities worldwide. The urge to stay healthy is what births fitness, and we cannot downplay its essence.

Since many activities include the fitness process, we cannot say that you should stick to one because exercising determines the type of activity you would do. However, it would not be wrong to talk about some vital actions that you can add to your routine, and one of them is the single leg deadlift.

What is a single leg deadlift?

Single Leg Deadlift; How to do it, Common Mistakes and Common Questions

If you can remember, there are many reasons why people decide to do exercises. If you are someone who is suffering from body pains and trying to straighten some parts of your body, a single leg deadlift is an activity that is usually helpful.

One can say that a single leg deadlift involves standing at a position and swinging your leg in a routine. It is usually one leg at a time, so it is called a single leg deadlift. You can start with your left leg and switch it to your right leg after some time.

Engaging in a single leg deadlift is usually helpful to the muscles as you can straighten your back, core, and legs, keeping you fit at all times. We have not come across anyone who engages in a single leg deadlift without significantly improving their body system, which is why we usually advocate that people add it to their everyday routine.

Even if you are not much of a fitness enthusiast, this is a simple exercise that you could slip into your everyday life by either doing it in the mornings or evenings.

It would be right to warn that engaging in a single leg deadlift would not be an easy feat as your body system would have difficulty adjusting to the routine, especially if you have not been an athletic person. However, your perseverance would pay off as that is the only way you would see results.

If you decide to quit after a few days because of your pains, you would not see your desired results. But the more you do the single leg deadlift, the more your body becomes accustomed to it, and it would become more comfortable with time.

How to do a single leg deadlift

Single Leg Deadlift; How to do it, Common Mistakes and Common Questions

Engaging in a single leg deadlift is not a complicated process, so that anyone can do it. You should know that this is a flexible activity, as some people may decide to use weights while doing it, while others would not. It is usually based on preference.

Typically, beginners would engage in a single leg deadlift without using weights and weights when they are comfortable and consider themselves professionals.

To do a single leg deadlift, you should stand in an upright position with legs apart. Your back must be straight to ensure that you keep a balanced posture. Once you are in this position, you begin to lean forward so that your weight is on one leg while the other leg is free to swing.

Some beginners may prefer to be in front of a wall while doing this exercise so that the swinging leg can have the wall as a landing pad. You do not have to input so much force or energy while doing a single leg deadlift so that you would not overwork your body system.

If your aim of doing a single leg deadlift is to add weight or build muscles, you should consider adding dumbbells while working out for effectiveness. However, if it is to straighten your muscles, you can do it without a dumbbell.

Some people may keep the body weight on one leg, swing the other, and stop the exercise when tired. However, this does not seem right as there needs to be a balance on both legs.

If you started by swinging your left leg with the weight on your right leg, ensure that you switch positions and later turn your right leg and put your body weight on your left leg. This is to ensure that you do not overwork any of the legs and get your desired results.

It is normal to feel pains in your hamstrings while engaging in this activity as it is the primary part of your body that will be affected. It is why you should go as far as your body system can allow so that there would be no tear. Your endurance level will increase the body you engage in it.

The glutes, quad, and lower back are other areas of the body that will also be affected while engaging in a single leg deadlift. If you do not feel pains in any of these areas, it could be that you are not doing the exercise correctly.

One of the deadlift tips that you should never overlook is to ensure that you are parallel to the floor while lowering your torso. You should also ensure to breathe in a while, lowering your torso and ensure that your spine is neutral with the weight on your heels. All these are to ensure that you do not injure yourself in the process.

You will feel a burn in your foot and ankle because your heels take the body’s weight. It is a normal thing to experience and shows that you are correctly doing a single leg deadlift.

Benefits of Single Leg Deadlift

It would not make sense to engage in an activity with no benefits, so our curiosity got the best of us, and we decided to research and ask people questions on why they engage in a single leg deadlift.

We noticed that many people have it as a part of their exercise routine, and we know that they would not keep on doing it if it is not beneficial. We have not seen anyone who complained about doing a single leg deadlift, so we decided to ask questions and compile our answers so that those who have second thoughts about this activity would be aware of its benefits.

People typically say that the benefits of doing a single leg deadlift are strength and balance.

We have earlier highlighted some of the body parts that significantly affected while engaging in a single leg deadlift, so you should know that exercising these body parts would be beneficial to the body system.

If you are looking to build your core strength, a single leg deadlift is an activity for you to do. Once you begin to stretch those body parts, you are extending their resistance level, and they would be able to do more.

You will notice that you can now do more activities without quickly getting tired, as may have been the case before. You will not need anyone to tell you that you are now stronger as you would feel it from within, and we know that you will be pleased by the results.

Asides from building your core strength, you also get to make your leg strength. We usually hear fitness enthusiasts saying that leg strength is an essential part of their exercising activity, and we know that it may be one of the reasons you would want to exercise. If it is, you are in luck, as doing a single leg deadlift would be useful.

We cannot fail to mention balance as one of the benefits of a single leg deadlift. If you can remember, we noted that engaging in this activity will help to straighten the muscles, and a well-straightened muscle leads to proper balance, which leads to correct posture.

It could be that you have been having bad posture habits and wish to rectify them. Doing a single leg deadlift can come in handy in such a situation.

Some therapists usually recommend this exercise to people who have posture and balance defeats, so you should know that it is always beneficial to everyone. There are no adverse effects attached to doing a single leg deadlift except if you put too much strain on yourself.

If you do not have to do a single leg deadlift as a part of your exercise routine, it is time to add it so that you do not miss out on its benefits.

Amongst the deadlift tips we give to people, we usually advise that you make your workout time fun to enjoy doing the different activities.

Common Questions and Answers

Does Single Leg Deadlift Really Work?

To the best of our knowledge, doing a single leg deadlift works as we have no seen anyone who does the activity and has complained. Since it is a hip-hinge movement, it has numerous benefits, and we have highlighted some of the above.

It will be best to try out this exercise and see how your body system would react. However, you should keep in mind that not everyone would have the same reaction to doing a single leg deadlift, but you should notice a significant and positive change in your body system.

Once you begin to feel the pressure and a sense of burning on your foot and ankle, you should know that you are on the right track. With time, you will begin to feel stronger, and you will notice that you have an improved balanced courtesy of doing a single leg deadlift. Thus, we can say that doing a single leg deadlift works.

Are Single Leg Deadlifts Better?

Typically, deadlifts refer to the process of carrying weights during an exercise process. Earlier, we mentioned that it is not always compulsory to hold weights while doing a single leg deadlift. With this, you know that there are other deadlift exercises apart from a single leg deadlift.

It will be wrong for us to place an exercise activity above the other as each of them has its various benefits, so there is no need for ranking. After all, no two individuals are the same, so person A might need to do a single leg deadlift, while person B would not.

We would not say that single leg deadlifts are better, but we can say that identifying why you wish to exercise would help you pick an activity that would correctly work for you.

Always remember that for an exercise to be better, it has to meet your needs.

Which Hand Holds Weight in Single Leg Deadlift?

Those who would prefer to hold weights while doing a single leg deadlift usually ask questions to know if there is any specific hand that should bear the weight burden.

You should know that all parts of your body system should have a balance while exercising; it is why you always need to rotate the leg that bears the body weight and the one that swings. Thus, we cannot say that any specific hand would hold the weight during a single leg deadlift.

If you want to carry dumbbells, you can do so with both hands as it would be useful.

What is a Stiff Leg Deadlift?

You can typically get an idea of the stiff leg deadlift from the name. It is almost similar to the single leg deadlift, but you are not swinging any of your legs in this case.

During a stiff leg deadlift workout, you are standing straight with both legs, and the weight of your body is on them. You would have your dumbbells or other weight alternatives and use them while leaning forward and backward without swinging your legs.

Some people say that it helps build the muscles and leg strength and is one of footballers’ best exercise activities.


We hope that we have answered all the questions you might have about doing a single leg deadlift. The next time you decide to hit the gym or exercise, we hope that this will be a part of your routine!

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