One would agree that running your hands through a baby’s hair can be refreshing, and most people do it unconsciously. It is also a normal thing for people to gush and admire baby hair. However, it gets to a point where the hair has to be cut, and some wonder why. This article would cover all that you need to know on how to cut baby hair.

From conversations we have had with mothers, we get different responses on why people should cut a baby’s hair. Some say that the initial baby hair needs to be cut because it leads to itching, so cutting it paves the way for a new one void of itching. Thus, you need to know how to cut baby hair.

Others say it is because that is how it has always been, so it is only normal for them to follow the tradition. Some people cut their baby’s hair to give the child a new look.

We do not know why you cut your baby’s hair, but we know that a large percentage of the world cannot avoid it. Thus, it is customary to see people curious about how to cut a baby’s hair.

Since babies are delicate, people want to get it right when it concerns knowing how to cut baby hair as it can be hazardous when something goes wrong.

Understandably, it could be that you do not have experience when it concerns the cutting of the hair, so you need knowledge on how to cut baby hair. After all, knowing how to cut baby hair is not always the first thing at the top of the mind when searching for new skills.

Cutting a baby’s hair is almost similar to how you would cut an adult’s hair, but you should not be absent-minded while doing it.

One question we get from people when it concerns cutting a baby’s hair is knowing the right time to get it done. We would typically say that it is best to cut baby hair at the age of 1 as they have attained a certain level of maturity at that time. However, it is also dependent on the hair length of the child.

We see some children with full hair by six months, and it is not of place that their parent or guardian would want to cut the hair. For others, their hair may become fuller at the age of 1. In some cases, you would see that the child does not have hair when they clock one year, and it is best not to think of cutting their hair at that time.

It will come in handy if you know how to cut baby hair already, as you would not encounter much hassle. However, if you are a first-time mother or have never had any experience with cutting baby hair, this article is for you.

It would be best if you always remember that a child’s skin is delicate, so it is best to steer away from the hair region until there is something to cut.

How to cut baby hair

For those who do not know how to cut baby hair, you can cut your baby’s hair :

  • At a barber’s shop or
  • With Scissors and Clipper

Barber’s Shop

How to cut baby hair

One cannot deny that there is always a certain level of over-protectiveness when it concerns a child, so we see that some parents do not like taking their baby to get a haircut at a barber’s shop. However, we also cannot deny that some of these barbers are professionals and have experience when it comes to cutting baby hair.

Although you have to be attentive during the process, we can say that it is less stressful to cut baby hair at a barber’s shop. Since you are not the person handling the cutting equipment, your level of panic is reduced.

If your child is always fussy around strangers, it would be best to take along their favorite toys when visiting the barber’s shop to calm the baby during the haircutting process.

If your baby is not one to sit still for a long time, you can tell the barber not to bother about doing styles on the hair. After all, it is a baby, and these styles are not necessary. However, it is dependent on your choice and the ability of the baby to sit still.

With Scissors and Clipper

How to cut baby hair

There are many Do It Yourself (DIY) activities worldwide, and knowing how to cut baby hair with scissors or clippers is a part of the list. Some parents would prefer to it personally as they cannot trust a stranger with such a delicate area of the baby’s body.

To prepare for the hair cutting process, we would say that you should make the child watch cartoons and programs that involve cutting of the hair days before when you would cut their hair. It helps to prepare their mind, and some of them are eager to get theirs done.

You should also check the texture of your baby hair to know if you would need to ‘wet’ the hair before cutting it or not. Since the head and hair region is a delicate area of the body, cutting the hair when it is overly dry may cause some mishaps, so it will be best to have a spray bottle and wet the hair before cutting.

Ensure that the TV is tuned to their best channel, and they are seated on a comfortable chair before you begin to cut the hair. It would also be best to choose your preferred instrument between scissors and clippers as it is best to use what you are comfortable with.

If you see that your baby is cranky or about to sleep, do not cut their hair at that moment. It is always best to cut baby hair when they are at their happiest.

Imagine a child dozing off while you are trying to cut their hair. It will be terrible if your hands go in the wrong direction at that moment, so you should ensure that they are awake and cooperative.

It will be best not to use a clipper if you do not have previous experience with it. If you are sure that you can handle it, you can go ahead to use it.

If your baby gets fussy halfway through the haircut, ensure to stop immediately and ensure that there is a change of mood before continuing. The baby should have half-cut hair than injuries because you are insistent on finishing the haircut.

You should know that children are unpredictable, so you should always prepare yourself for their restlessness and all that it entails.

If you are a good hairstylist, you can go ahead to cut the hair to your desired style. However, most people would give the baby a skin cut and wait till the child is grown to be taken to a barber who would give stylish haircuts.


Some people feel safer when they do the hair cut for baby hair, so we have highlighted some ways you can do it. One hack that comes in handy is that you should not see the cutting of baby hair as a task but handle it as a fun activity.

When cutting baby hair becomes a fun activity for both you and the baby, it would be a smooth sail. We are sure that you now know how to cut baby hair, and you should refer others who have difficulty understanding how to cut baby hair to this article.

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