There are numerous homes and relationships on the brink of breaking up or might have broken up because of a cheating partner. This has been an issue of contempt in different gatherings (both religious and non-religious), news articles, and social media posts.

Undoubtedly, there are different perspectives regarding cheating; some believe if the reason is substantial, it’s okay to cheat; others think it’s outrightly bad to cheat. The views and individual opinions on cheating is not the focus of this article.

Instead, we would be analyzing how to catch a cheater. What to expect, how they would behave, and a few other things. No one likes to live in ignorance, and people wish to know how to catch a cheater when they begin to suspect that something is amiss.

Cheating is not reserved for a specific class of persons, as it could be your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. We would talk about how to catch a cheater, irrespective of their category. This can be quite important in determining how the events that come after the discovery plays out. Let’s get to it!!

How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

Do you suspect that your boyfriend is having an affair with another person? Here are some ways to confirm if your suspicions are correct:

  • He is no longer mushy: It is said that “little things matter in a relationship, ”  and this is a cliche we all look forward to in relationships. It is no secret that both parties are supposed to put in the effort when in a relationship. It is also not surprising to see couples engaging in a public display of affection and other mushy acts.

If you want to know how to catch a cheater, you should observe his actions and inactions. If your boyfriend is no longer as mushy as he used to be, it means that he is investing those emotions to another person, and it is a top red flag.

  • He does not pick calls in your presence: We often hear that a pure heart fears nothing, right? So, it does not make sense if your boyfriend does not pick calls in your presence.  

Understandably, he might not want to take the call when you are around if the environment is noisy. Apart from that, there should be no other reason why he is always leaving the room to take those calls. Once you notice it, we know you will get thoughts like ‘what is he hiding?’ It is best to confront him than to keep mute about it.

  • He keeps late nights with friends but not you: It is one thing for your boyfriend to want to hang out with his friends, but it is another thing when it becomes constant, and he never wants to create time for you both to hang out. Thus, it becomes a case where it seems like you are not in the equation.

 From wanting to hang out with friends, it turns into staying out till odd hours, and he feels like you deserve no explanation for it. If you are always asking questions on how to catch a cheater, this is one of the signs you should look out for in your boyfriend.

  • Web of lies: There are times when you notice that your boyfriend now lies for no reason. It could be something that is not significant, yet he is lying about it. In such cases, he is used to lying to you about other things, and it is now a part of him.

He sees no reason to be truthful, and he unknowingly begins to lie about things and situations that do not matter. Such an action is a way to confirm that he is cheating, as it does not make sense that he is always caught in a web of lies, especially when you will always present him with the truth.

  • Strange behavior from his friends: If you do not know, friends play a significant role when it comes to identifying if your boyfriend is a cheater or not. It could be that you have known them since the start of the relationship, and you are used to how they act.

However, they suddenly become jumpy, nervous, and jittery when you are around. If you ask a question, they would each have different answers for it, especially when it concerns your boyfriend. They are often trying to protect him, and each person would give answers that they think are reasonable, but there would be inconsistency. It is a sign that he is a cheater.

How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

This is for the guys out there. If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, we are sure that she will be exhibiting one of these signs:

  • Demands for space: We still cannot grasp our heads because people in a relationship sometimes demand space. Once there is that open gap, it gives room for other things to happen. If your girlfriend is always demanding freedom or saying things like ‘you are choking me,’ she gets tired of the relationship.

If you have ever pondered how to catch a cheater, especially when it’s your girlfriend acting up in this way, It could be that she is getting attention from another person, and yours is beginning to irritate her. This is a clear indication of a cheater.

  • She changes her password regularly: If there is trust in the relationship, we do not think that there would be a need to always change the password on devices. We are not saying that you should always snoop on your girlfriend’s devices, but it could be that she is hiding something once she begins always to change the password.

Some people might say that it is not a big deal, but we would like to defer as it shows that something is off. Imagine your girlfriend changing her password up to three times a week. What is so important that she does not want you to see? It is a character to observe.

  • She begins to dress differently: When you are in a relationship, you know your partner to a specific extent, and we would assume that it boils down to dressing also. You know how your girlfriend dresses for particular occasions, so it gets weird when she begins to dress differently.

We are not saying that change should not occur as one cannot be stagnant, but you will know when it seems like she is dressing to impress someone that is not you. It could be that she knows the style you prefer and has always been comfortable with it, but she is now dressing in another way.

  • She is no longer willing to be intimate: Let us say that you have been sexually active with your girlfriend, and there have been no issues. However, you begin to notice that she refuses your advances and does not want to get physical any longer.

It’s a general belief that women are more affectionate and can get intimate when they feel attracted to someone. It could be that your girlfriend has been like that, but she does not crave your touches or anything physical with you any longer. It now seems like doing anything physical with you repulses her.

This transition is one thing to note if your intent to know how to catch a cheater, as she is now enjoying physical actions from another person.

  • She no longer smiles: It does not make sense to be in a relationship if you cannot make your partner happy. Imagine seeing your girlfriend all smiles when she is with other people, but the smile disappears once she is alone with you.

The first thing you should do is analyze yourself and your actions so far, checking if you have wronged her in any way. If you are sure that you have not done anything, it could be that she is tired of you but does not know how to say it. You would not want to agree, but someone else makes her happy now.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband

It was blissful while dating your spouse, and you could not wait to get married. You are now married, but something does not seem right, and you want to know if your husband is cheating or not.

You ask different people to tell you how to catch a cheater, but it seems like they do not have the right answers. Here are some of the things to observe:

  • He is always defensive: Your husband is still defensive about his actions unprovoked. It could be that you asked a simple question about something he did, but he flares up, going into a defense mood and making a fuss about it.

 You are confused as you do not know why he is escalating the issue, and it turns to be something he regularly does. It could confirm that he is cheating as the defensive nature prevents you from knowing the truth. We are not saying that this is or would always be the case, but it is something to check and observe.

  • Your instincts: You know that blissful feeling you had through your courtship and even after getting married? Once it switches, there is a need for you to be on high alert. People say that you need to trust your instincts about different things in life, and it will not be wrong to trust and follow your guts once it seems like your husband is cheating.

We are not saying that you should make rash decisions once you get that gut feeling, but you should be cautious and investigate more. It is time to prepare your mind as you might not like what you will find out, but it is better than being ignorant.

  • He accuses you of cheating: Weirdly, humans find a way to switch the situation and want to blame another person when they are guilty. A cheating husband will automatically assume that his wife is also cheating, and one begins to wonder what brought about such a mindset. When asking questions about how to catch a cheater, we are sure that this is one of the suggestions you will get.

Once your husband starts accusing you of cheating out of the blues and you are sure that your hands are clean, you should try to calm him down and explain. If it becomes constant, it could be that he is also cheating.

  • There is distorted communication: We cannot overemphasize the importance of communication as it goes a long way to salvaging situations. One will agree that talking with someone you love can be therapeutic, and we see couples having discussions now and then. It could be that you are used to talking with your husband when he comes home from now every day, but the communication pattern is now distorted.

He begins to complain that you are talking too much, or he is tired and does not feel like talking. It could also be that he has stopped picking your calls or replying to your texts. It is a sign that he is cheating.

  • He changes his devices: Imagine not knowing that your husband is changed his devices? We are not saying that it is out of place for him to change it, but there would be prior discussion in a loving relationship, or he would be eager to tell you once it happens. When it becomes a case of him saying that changing his devices does not concern you, you should beware that it is a red flag.

He could be cheating and does not want a situation where you understand the device he is using. He changed the device so he can be more secretive and hide his external relationship.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife

It can be heartbreaking to find out that your wife is cheating on you. Some men are usually suspicious but ask questions on how to catch a cheater to be sure; here are some things to take note of;

Here are some ways of catching a cheating wife:

  • She gets mad at everything you do: We do not want to imagine the trauma that husbands go through when their wives begin to switch upon them. Has it gotten to the point where it seems like you cannot please your wife? Does she make it seem like you are always wrong, and everything you do is a mistake?

If yes, do you still need to ask questions on how to catch a cheater? Here is one answer to that question. Such a woman is with another man and has unconsciously blocked out everything about you. Her mind will always be comparing what you do and what he does, and she gets mad at you because he is now her preference.

  • She pays more attention to her phone: Imagine talking to your wife, and she is not listening to what you are saying but smiling and giggling at her phone. You wake up in the middle of the night to see that she is also with her phone, and she hides whatever she is doing from you.

Many thoughts will run through your mind, but one thing that stands clear is that someone else has taken her attention, and she communicates to that person through her phone. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but it is the harsh reality that your wife is cheating on you.

  • Calls another name during sex: Do you still have to ask how to catch a cheater if your wife begins to moan another name during sex? We know that you will not need anyone to spell out what is already evident. Your wife is cheating on you with another man, and it is his name that she is calling.

Some people may want to argue, but we stand that it is impossible to moan a name that is not your spouse if you are not cheating. There is no logical explanation for calling another name during sex, and it is a clear case of cheating.

  • Her phone is always on silent: If you notice that your wife’s phone is still on silent, and you draw her attention to it, but she gives an off-hand remark, it could be that she is cheating. The phone is always silent so that you do not know when she gets notifications. In addition to the phone being quiet, she would also be secretive whenever she is using it.

All these and more are signs that point to a cheating wife, and one cannot help but add it to how to catch a cheater. If she is not cheating, the phone would not permanently be silent.

  • She is now uptight: As a man, you understand your wife and know who you married. Thus, it becomes weird when she begins to exhibit an uptight attitude from what you are used to. She does not let you into her emotions any longer and does not make an effort to communicate with you.

Her actions show that she cares less about the marriage and does not mind if it crashes or not. These are actions and signs that you should not overlook. You can try to talk about it when you notice it, but it calls for proper attention when she does not change.

What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

If you suspect that your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband is cheating, it is best to gather enough evidence. Here are some apps that would help you catch a cheating spouse:

  • Text Message Spy: Although it is a paid app, it does not cost much, and it is always worth the value. It allows you to get the text messages of any contact saved on your phone. Once you have this text message spy app downloaded, you can see the texts your partner gets, helping you to determine if they are cheating or not.
  • mSpy: This app always comes in handy as it is compatible with both android software and iPhone software. It gives you access to some social media applications of the other party like Snapchat and Tinder.

It is common knowledge that Tinder is a famous app people use to meet new people or make new friends and acquaintances. mSpy helps you can use them to monitor your partner’s activities if they are on it.

How to get the truth from a cheating spouse?

You will be shocked at the things cheaters say when they are confronted. Sometimes, you will wonder if they have any human conscience or be comfortable with someone doing the same thing to them.

Typically, any cheating spouse would deny at first and would want to guilt-trip you. This is why you should gather adequate evidence after noticing any of the signs listed above. Once they see facts, they know that there is nothing else they can say, and they begin to say why they ventured into cheating.

Getting the truth out of a cheater is not as hard as you may think. Cheaters are quite comfortable when stared in the face with staggering facts and confidence. In most cases, their uneasiness makes them vulnerable to any form of questioning, and they will, in no time, spill the beans. Here are some tricks to help you get the truth out of your partner anytime anyway; 

  • Don’t be scared to confront them: Sometimes all it takes is just a little push. You don’t need to get violent or irrational, confront them with facts. This is a very important move to make.
  • Ask them direct questions: Don’t best around the bush, be precise and confident. Even if you aren’t sure, your confidence can throw them off and give you the advantage.
  • Maintain eye contact: It takes a lot for someone to look you in the eye and still lie. Maintaining eye contact will make them nervous and would try out every means to get out of that situation. If after lies upon lies, it doesn’t work, they would result to the truth.
  • Be Persistent: To make iron bend, you have to keep hitting it, same goes for humans. To get the truth out of someone, you have to keep questioning.

After all these, you can expect answers like;

  • It is not what it looks like
  • I was bored
  • It was just sex
  • You were so distant and so on

If you feel the relationship is not worth your time and energy, it’s okay to ask for a break to heal. In most cases what both parties need is time to work things out.


We hope you live your best life, and enjoy the best kind of relationship with the person of your choice but in a case where you are dealt events like this, we hope this piece can be of great help. Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. . 

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