Holiday Guide to New Brunswick

It is always relieving to travel to a new place and spend your holiday, but it sometimes gets confusing when you do not know what place to pick. After all, there are many exciting places globally, so choosing is often a hard decision.

However, we have noticed that Canada has become a destination country for some people, leading us to check what draws people to the country.

We see that many unique factors surround this country. We do not know what you think about when people mention Canada, but your mind should not always go to Toronto; it’s the capital city. We are not saying that you cannot have fun in this city, but the country also offers more places like New Brunswick.

We do not know if you have ever been to this place or heard about it before, but it is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to have a swell holiday experience.

New Brunswick is one of four Atlantic provinces on the east coast of Canada and one of the first places in North America to be explored and settled by the Europeans. Since it is not a popular holiday destination, we cannot say that tourism contributes a lot to its economy.

However, people are slowly discovering this place, and this article will cover things you can do and places you can stay if you visit New Brunswick. Hopefully, this province climbs up the charts when it concerns holiday destinations, and people get to know more about it. It is safe to say that it contains hidden memory treasures, and a foreigner would not regret visiting this place.

Facts About New Brunswick

Here are some facts about New Brunswick:

It is the only province in Canada that is constitutionally bilingual.

Research shows that there are two official languages in this province; English and French. Thus, if you are vast in any of these languages, you will have a smooth stay when visiting New Brunswick.

No other Canadian province is constitutionally bilingual, so we can say that New Brunswick is unique.

Saint John is the most populous city in New Brunswick.

Typically, one would assume that a place’s capital city would be the most populous, but you will realize that New Brunswick’s case is different.

Although Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick, it is not the most populous. Instead, Saint John ranks high as the most populous.

Over 500,000 Christmas trees are harvested every year in New Brunswick.

Christmas is a popular celebration amongst those of the Christian religion, and it is typically that most of these people have Christmas trees during that people. It is also common to see it as a decoration in different places in a city.

What most people do not know is that many Christmas trees are usually harvested in New Brunswick yearly. This should not be surprising as most of its areas are forested.

New Brunswick has the world’s largest lobster structure.

Most people do not know that the largest structure is located at Shediac, a New Brunswick town. People often use it as a landmark when in the city as it is hard to miss. It is estimated to be about 16 feet high and 35 feet long.

New Brunswick is the second-largest exporter of peat globally.

We are sure that many people do not know that Canada is the largest exporter of peat, and New Brunswick is the second largest area in the country and globally that exports peat.

This should not be surprising since the province is forested so that they would have peat in abundance. It is helpful to treasure this information as you do not know when it would come in handy.

Things to do in New Brunswick

Here are some of the things to do and places to visit in New Brunswick:                

Magnetic Hill Zoo

One of the things you can do when in a new place is to visit a zoo, and New Brunswick is not an exception. We have highlighted this zoo as one of the best in the area, and it is a must to visit it before leaving as it gives you fun memories.

It is amongst the top zoos in Canada, with over 400 animals. Thus, you are sure to leave the zoo with more knowledge about animals that you may have never seen before.

There is a playground in the zoo, so you are sure to have fun. It also comes in handy that this place is conducive for children.

Reversing Falls

Holiday Guide to New Brunswick

If you are in New Brunswick, you should visit Saint John city and see the Saint John River. Reserving Falls are a series of rapids on the Saint John River, and it is always a sight for the eyes.

You will get a fantastic view of this place, and we know that picture enthusiasts will not waste time taking pictures. The atmosphere also gives off a cooling effect that helps you relax, and unknowingly puts a smile on your face.

It is also an informative place as you will watch a movie that tells you more about the site and its history when you visit it.

Magic Mountain SplashZone

Since the goal is to have fun when you are on holiday, we know that it will not be out of place to visit a waterpark. Some people say that visiting this place will bring out your inner child, and they are not wrong.

It is always a fun experience to visit this place as you try out different rides and make memories and friends. It is easy to lose track of time when you visit this place, and we see that some people may not want to leave.

It comes in handy that this place is always well-maintained, leaving foreigners in awe whenever they visit it.

New Brunswick Museum

Magic Mountain SplashZone

Some people argue that the first thing to do when in a new place is to visit any of its museums as it gives you an insight into the area. We cannot say that they are right or wrong, but we can agree that visiting a museum is usually essential, especially for curious minds.

We would say that this is an encompassing museum as it covers a lot, including history, sciences, culture, and much more. Research says that it is Canada’s oldest continuing museum as it has been in place since 1842.

Some people may not fully explore the museum in a day, and there is nothing wrong with going back multiple times.

Saint John City Market

We know that shopping is usually on the list of a foreigner’s things to do when in a new place, so we know that you would also do it in New Brunswick, and there is no better place to shop than its local markets, one of which is Saint John City Market.

There is almost nothing you desire that you cannot find at this place ranging from food items to souvenirs and much more. It also comes in handy that the sellers are friendly, so you will have a pleasant experience while shopping. Locating this market is usually not as hard as it is in the heart of the city.

Carleton Martello Tower

It is one of the country’s national historic sites as it played a role during 1812. Research says that it is one of the nine surviving Martello towers in Canada.

It is common knowledge that a tower is a high building, so it is not surprising that you will get a wholesome view of Saint John city and its harbor from this place’s rooftop.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, which comes in handy and gives you a full experience when you visit. You will get complete packaged information about the war and the role the tower played when you visit this place.

The Magnetic Hill

We do not know if you have ever been to a gravity hill before. However, visiting this place is one of the top things to do in New Brunswick. It gives a type of optical illusion created by rising and descending terrain.

Gift shops surrounding this place where you can get unique items, and it also has a zoo and an amusement park. Thus, people are not averse to spending their whole day at this place as there are many activities.

Since we are sure that you will meet people when you visit this place, we would say that it is not out of place to make new friends, improving your holiday experience.

Mount Carleton

Mount Carleton

We see that one of the top things foreigners do in New Brunswick is climbing to its peak, and you can do this by visiting this place.

If you are a hiker or someone who loves to connect with nature, this is the perfect place for you to visit as there are hiking trails, and you will have fun engaging in this activity.

It is also not surprising that some people use this place as a campsite as it has many places to explore and allows you to connect with nature. The atmosphere is always conducive, and it gives you a breathtaking view.

St Martins Sea Caves

Dramatic tides usually form these sea caves, and you can keep yourself busy by exploring them. It comes in handy that you can either do this alone or with a group. However, we are sure that you will always appreciate the scenic atmosphere.

People say that it is best always to be careful of the tides, and we agree with such a suggestion as it is wise to be safe than to be sorry.

There are absolute peace and calm associated with this environment that makes people happy whenever they visit it. It also has fantastic restaurants and gift shops surrounding it.

Crabbe Mountain

If you are a fan of skiing or love the activity, the best place to visit in New Brunswick would be this mountain as it lets you engage in this activity.

Some people say that it does not have a lot of challenging slopes. However, this does not hinder the fun and means that it is a perfect place for beginners. It also comes in handy that the staff is proactive, always ready to help if anyone is hurt.

We can assure you that you will be happy to visit this place as it provides nothing short of fun.

Where to Stay in New Brunswick

You will not have a comfortable holiday if there are no plans for accommodation. Thus, here are some places to stay in New Brunswick:

Rodeway Inn

Crabbe Mountain

The professional services you will get at this place are endearing, making it one of the provinces’ top accommodation facilities. It is located in the city of Miramichi and is in an area where you can easily access most parts of the city.

When you lodge at this inn, you get to enjoy free breakfast and Wi-Fi services. All the rooms are also air-conditioned, so you are sure of your comfort. It will also interest you to know that pets are allowed at this inn.

The prices of this place are fair, but it ranges depending on the type of room you are getting. Overall, you will have a pleasant experience.

Hilton Garden Inn

You will find this place in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick. Some people refer to it as a luxurious accommodation facility because it has many elements that ensure comfort.

It is best to know that smoking is prohibited at this inn, so you need to act accordingly. However, they have a restaurant and bar where you can have fun enjoying excellent varieties. Lodgers also have access to the gym as they are concerned about their customers’ wellness.

If you are concerned about this place’s price, you should not have many worries as we are sure that it would not damage your traveling budget.

language Bed & Breakfast and Cottages

There is a homey feeling you will get if you decide to stay at this place, so it is one of the places we will recommend to foreigners.

Although it does not have many amenities, you will not regret lodging in it as the rooms are comfortable and air-conditioned. Both adults and children can stay at this place.

The owners of this place are friendly and try to ensure the lodgers in conversations sometimes to make them feel welcome. Thus, you are sure of getting a sense of warmth, which makes your stay more pleasant. It comes in handy that they put in conscious effort to ensure that the rooms and environment are always clean.


New Brunswick is a fantastic gem waiting to be explored, and we urge that you visit it soon. Either for pleasure or business, New Brunswick has a lot to offer.

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