Columbia South Carolina 2020 Travel Guide

Like some other places in the midlands of Columbia, Columbia South Carolina, has many intriguing properties that can leave you clueless about where to go and things to do when you get there.

Luckily, you came across this platform. We’ll save you the stress of going through tedious piles of research and also save you some money purchasing travel guides, as we have pointed out some significant parts of Columbia South Carolina. Relax, and let’s take you on a virtual trip across Columbia, South Carolina.


Columbia South Carolina 2020 Travel Guide

The South Carolina region of Columbia (also known as the Soda city) offers so much to do, from recreational pursuits (such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, sailing, tennis, golf, surfing, to name a few) down to sightseeing (including historical museums, buildings, movie locations, lighthouses, art galleries, Penn Center Historic District, and so much more).

From admiring the local artwork located at the world-class Columbia Museum of Art to experience the whitewater rafting located on the Saluda River’s rapids, the city caters to tourists and thrill-seekers alike.

The best way to take in the region is by taking a tour (bus, horse-drawn carriage, kayak, or boat).

Things to do in Columbia SC

Columbia South Carolina 2020 Travel Guide

Though later on, we’ll highlight what to see in South Carolina and some of the best vacations spots in South Carolina; right now, these are some of the things to do in Columbia South Carolina while you are there:

  • Outdoor Activities

Kick things up with some outdoor activities. It would help if you got some vitamin D, and going outdoors is your best bet. Explore some of the Parks in Columbia South Carolina

  • Watch some sports

Give the college sport a try. Remember, South Carolina is home to a few of the largest college communities in Columbia. Start with a day out, it could be alone or more interestingly with your friends and family.

  • Visit the Koger Center with your date.

Do you wish to spice up your relationship while you are in the state? In that case, you and your significant other can try out the Koger Center.

  • Experience the nightlife

Hey! You don’t have to end everything at the college sports event. The nightlife is outstanding. Your day doesn’t necessarily have to end when the sunsets. Trust me, the last thing you want while you are in that state is to miss out on the entertaining events, including live music and great drinks.

Best Restaurants in Columbia, SC

No doubt, Columbia South Carolina is a famous town with thriving arts, culinary scenes, culture, and a sustainable standard of living. The landscape has taken off in the last few years, and from Vegan soul food down to smoked brisket, tourists can find anything they’re craving here.

Let’s share some of the best restaurants in Columbia South Carolina, restaurant scene, making your time in the Soda city even more fun.

  • A Peace of Soul

Are you looking for a restaurant built for vegetarians? A Peace of Soul will offer just that. Formerly called Lamb’s Bread Cafe, Peace of soul caters mainly to veggies. Unanimously, the vegan soul food in South Carolina is flavorful and hearty good. Try out their delicious curry potatoes, mac & cheese, BBQ, and candied yams. You might also find yourself dreaming about being a vegan – trust me, it won’t be your if you do.

  • Palmetto Pig

The best BBQ restaurant, not just on the list, but the best in South Carolina – we present to you Palmetto Pig. Though it feels more like a dive, Palmetto has pulled pork, and fried chicken are some of the menu cards’ best options.

However, what pops the eye are the sides: hushpuppies, hash, and rice, homemade mac and cheese – speaking of having a “religious” experience. Oh, of course, you shouldn’t forget the banana pudding – that’s of time if you want to take things up a notch.


  •  2 Fat 2 Fly

Though it’s quite hard to believe, the truth is, you are only just figuring out how else to prepare the chicken wing. Thanks to 2 Fat 2 Fly (catchy name if you ask me) has completely perfect the art of preparing the chicken wing and making stuffed wings (yep, you heard that correctly). Sucka Punch with stuffed jalapeno, cheddar, and bacon happens to be my favorite. The mac and cheese stuffed wings are just as tasty.

  • Sweet Cream Company

They’ve got different flavors that you’d love to try out. Some of these flavors include olive oil and rosemary, Aunt Cathy’s Zucchini (read more about Zucchini in this different post), and rosemary. However, this ship debuts new Italian ice varieties and ice cream daily. Meanwhile, during winter, you should try out the Cup of Awesome – for those hearing this for the first time, half cocoa, half coffee, and then a piece of awesomeness (this is usually the surprise part of the entire cup).

  • Cool Beans

Don’t let the name fool you; this is one of the best (if not “the” best) coffee shop in South Carolina. When next you visit South Carolina, you can stop by at Cool Beans for a cup of coffee. For the people in Columbia, never underestimate the importance of caffeine. The restaurant offers the best brewed and espresso drinks in the land. Endeavor to try out their delicious pastries and snacks for lunch; you will not regret it, trust me!

  • Just Us

The restaurant is not hard to find as soon as you get to Columbia South Carolina. If you are looking for the best place to grab something to eat in the morning, you can always bank on Just Us. Their foods are still on point; I’m talking about the severe southern fare without flair or pretension. Case in point: the entire menu categories start with “just,” as in “Just biscuits,” “Just Breakfast.”

  • The Whig

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the Best bar food in Columbia South Carolina. Although bar food can often be a letdown, that’s not the case with The Whig. here’s an award-winning dive bar. One of the things that make The Whig unique is the fact that they are doing something. Differently, that includes putting a big enough emphasis on the bar cuisine which you don’t have to be drunk to try it out. We are talking about chipotle pimento cheese fries, palmetto cheesesteak, and smoked Gouda mac and cheese.

  • Cellar on Greene

Here is the best restaurant for date nights. If you brought your significant other to the city, Cellar on Greene should be one of the top names on the list of bars you ought to try out. Here is a tucked-away restaurant from the state’s noisy section, especially from the five-point entertainment district and the extensive wine list and cozy atmosphere. It is the perfect restaurant to begin the evening.

  • Egg Roll Chen

Eggroll presents itself as the ideal option for both the poor and the lazy. Some of the standouts include pork wontons with a kick, Yen Su Jee, and honey sesame chicken. That’s not all, your dinner will be cheap (don’t mind the term), but you’ll also have enough to eat for lunch.

Places to visit in South Carolina

Find adventure, find fun, witness historical monuments when visiting Columbia South Carolina. It’s no news that Columbia is home to South Carolina’s most prominent university, known as The University of South Carolina, and lots of other fun places to visit. Let’s share some of such sites with you. Let’s discuss some of the places to see in Columbia South Carolina.

Along the flowing rives that crawl and twist through the city’s core, tourists can experience the breathtaking local history or relax by the river; from a variety of museums to zoos and so much more, you’ll have lots of options when you visit Columbia South Carolina.

  • South Carolina State Museum

Your touring experience is not complete if you’ve not seen the four floors of interactive exhibits at the South Carolina State Museum. Also, delve right deep into space from a seat in the digital planetarium or be awed by the lasers shooting overhead in resonance to the music. I can assure you that you’ll be on the edge of your seat in the museum’s 4D movie theatre, where your senses bring to life what you usually see on the screen – impressive, right?

  • Congaree National Park

To visit this spot, you’ll have to drive 25-minutes from downtown Columbia (located in one of the best cities to visit in Columbia), though you can make this a day trip if you choose to (whatever you want). Also, you can hike 35 miles through some of the tallest trees that exist in the Eastern United States.

However, you’ll only get to see a small portion of the park’s 27000 acres, which remains the largest stand of old-growth bottomland forest in the Southeastern part of the region. The tree trunks are known to rise nearly seventeen stories. However, to have a different view, rent kayaks or canoes from the local livery and go through the park’s paddling trails.

  • RiverbanksZoo and Garden

From plants to animals, go wild and get closer to nature at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden that lies across the Saluda River banks. Let loose, and your nose will lead you through the seventy acres botanical garden to the popular rose section.

With lots of kids in tow, go right in and hang out with well-known clitters from around the world. Also, your kids won’t be the only ones having fun feeding the monkeys and petting birds; let a zookeeper lead you through the zoo to see different animals from the wild.

  • Edventure Children’s Museum

Explore the inner part of the human body as you surf through the world’s largest “child” that exists at Columbia’s EdVenture Children’s Museum. You’ll not miss the Eddie sitting directly across from the museum’s entrance – he rises 40 feet. Tourists can climb up the “child’s” spine right into his brain.

These tourists can also bounce around in his stomach and move through his heart. When you are done shimmying through the child, try out the path that leads to his intestines.

Riverfront Park

You’ll see it as you stroll across the Congaree River that exists in Riverfront Park. The Riverfront Park remains one of USA’s today’s Top 10 picks for the region. You’ve got lights everywhere, so you need not worry about the darkness. Also, there are pathways for tourists to walk through. While you meander through the paths, stop for a minute and read the signage that depicts the area’s past.

The oldest hydroelectric plant and the world’s first textile factory powered by electricity in the state once existed in that part of the city.

  • Finlay Park

Spice up your routine with a picnic in downtown Columbia at Final Park. Interestingly, you can have brunch or lunch in the shade close to the park’s fountain or vast human-made lake, where the water spills into a mountainside stream that flows downhill into the lake below. 

Best hotels in Columbia, SC

Without mixing words, these without a doubt are some of the best hotels in the land – some of which you can try out when next you travel to Columbia South Carolina:

  • Hilton Columbia Center Hotel

Our top pick for all travelers headed to this part of the world is Hilton Columbia Center Hotel. If you get to Columbia, you won’t need a cab because it’s closer to some restaurants (some of which we’ve listed here), and shops too. The hotel is excellent for business and family tourists—it;’s just a block away from the Vista and much closer to the convention center.

Notable features of the Hilton Columbia Center Hotel

  • Pool
  • Cribs and Roll-away beds available
  • Parking garage
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • It’s a walking distance from many site attractions.
  • Fitness Center
  • Suites are also available.
  • Aloft Columbia Harbison

Next on our list is Aloft Columbia Harbison. The hotel is in the heart of the shopping action at the Columbiana Centre and Harbison Blvd; tourists will enjoy dining, shopping, easy access to attractions like Riverbanks Zoo and Lake Murray. You’ll enjoy your stay at the Aloft Columbia Harbison, thanks to the hotel’s pool room and bar. Try out the hotel’s dining options.

Notable Features of The Aloft Columbia Harbison Hotel

  • The hotel is pet-friendly
  • It’s close to some vital amenities.
  • The seasonal pool is accessible.
  • Nice bar’
  • Various room config is available.
  • Candlewood Suites Columbia-Ft. Jackson

Are you looking for a budget-friendly hotel while you are in South Carolina, then the Candlewood Suites Columbia-Ft? Jackson is your best bet. I know how hard it is to travel to a place like Columbia, SC, for the first time. Financially, it can be straining, but it will do you a whole lot of good to try out this budget-friendly hotel as it will save you a few dollars.

Notable Features of the Candlewood Suites Columbia-Ft. Jackson

  • Laundry facilities
  • All-suite hotel
  • It is located eight miles from the city center.
  • A kitchen

Weather in South Carolina

What is the temperature in Columbia sc (South Carolina) like (question most tourists ask)?

You wouldn’t want to travel to a country without knowing about the weather of that country.  For Columbia, sc, the summer temperature (during the height of the tourist season) can be quite hot and humid.

Meanwhile, the winter period can be milder, with coastal areas that average around 60 degrees Fahrenheit daily. However, the farther you go, the more things start to cool off. During the nighttime, the temperature usually drops to the freezing point.

The summer temperature (during the height of the tourist season) can be quite hot and humid. Meanwhile, the winter period can be milder, with coastal areas that average around 60 degrees Fahrenheit daily. However, the farther you go, the more things start to cool off. During the nighttime, the temperature usually drops to the freezing point.

You can’t just decide to travel for hours into another part of the world, such as this place, without knowing when to travel to South Carolina. The Palmetto state experiences a humid subtropical climate coupled with mild winters and hot summers. Averagely, July seems to be the hottest month of the year. January, on the other hand, has the least temperatures.


Do your research on the flights to Columbia, South Carolina, before heading towards that region. Bear in mind that the idea of traveling, regardless of the purpose, be it business or pleasure, is to have an unforgettable experience; use these points as a yardstick to your adventure but also enjoy and create your own experience in the best ways possible, enjoy your trip!!

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