We all can sit around and talk about those traumatic salon experiences we had while growing up – of course, they aren’t fun. Worst of all, they made us feel like our natural hair texture was wrong. But we all know how difficult it is to find excellent haircut inspiration that feels real. The good news is, we are starting to see the emergence of curly hair specialists in the industry. These specialists have embraced the beauty of curls. They are also teaching the rest of the world how to do the same. In this piece, we’ll share some versatile and beautiful haircuts for curly hair women.

  • Kinky-Curly Layers

Have you seen Kerry Washington’s hair lately? She’s what you’ll get when you add natural beauty to stunning hair – safe to say, she’s got both. We recently saw her rocking the long, kinky-curly layers. They dropped flawlessly on her shoulders, and the shorter layers that cascaded mildly on her face added to the beautiful and soft look. So, what’s the secret? Going for the kinky-curly layers adds more volume and texture to your natural hair. The different layers will open up your face and add more movement to your hair. It’s undoubtedly one of the best haircuts for curly hair women.

  • Fringe and fro

What’s next on our list of haircuts for curly hair women? It’s the Fringe and fro haircut. The hairstyle gives you an “in your face” kind of look. If getting noticed is not your thing, then this style isn’t for you. What makes this edgy-style eye-popping is that it’s naturally curly and unapologetically soft with a fringe known as “bang.” To create different volume varieties with the hair, the stylist creates a cushion, popularly known as frizz. Asides from the small fringe trim that you’ll need every 6 to 8 weeks, you won’t need to frequent a full haircut salon, at least not for a while. Before picking it out in a fro, first, air dry your hair.

  • Versus Diametrix

Here is a relatively long and angled cut in ich the hairstylists apply the Dianmetrix Cutting technique to remove the hairstyle’s bottom bulkiness – doing this allows the curls to lay framed and wrapped around the face. We call this the “Versus Diametrix” style because the frame is gently cut on the sides of the face to let the diagonal angles of hair to help frame the face by preventing the awkward “Shelf effect.” The Versus Diametrix allows clients with long curls to be thrilled and also enjoy its versatility.

  • Oval shape (with long layers)

The oval shape with varying layers is usually bulky, and it lacks mobility. The shape is fantastic for ladies with curly hair that wishes to keep as much of the length but prefers volume. It is excellent for both short and medium hair. It deserves a spot on our list of haircuts for curly hair women.

  • A-Line bob

Need something funky? Look no further than the A-Line bob! It deserves a spot on this list (best haircuts for curly hair women). Growing your hair to a dream length is one thing, but achieving an edgier and shorter style is a different thing entirely. Cut the back right on the shorter side, but leave the front side for a more dramatic look. A rounded back works perfectly with this length. Also, make sure to cut some of the shorter fringes for a nice effect. With the A-Line bob, your hair will be layered for volume and movement. This style works well for all curl types, making it one of the best haircuts. If you love a versatile look, here’s a great choice.

  • Foundation Cut
Foundation Cut

With a curl-by-curl cutting technique, you can achieve the foundation cut – you have to make sure to stick to the DevaCurl dry-cutting principle. Why is it called a foundation cut? The name may have been inspired by the cut, which is built right from the foundation.  Each curl is shaped to sit on the section below the different strands of hair. The shape cuts a stunning silhouette. Who does this haircut work best for entirely? It creates a light shape that’s beautiful on curl types 3B to 4A. So, what’s next on our list of haircuts for curly hair women?

  • Long Curls
Long Curls

To achieve this haircut, you need to ask for a lengthy, layered haircut with a short, angled layer acting as the backdrop close to the jaw to help create a wave (more like a side-swept effect) in the front. In case the waves start to fall, use any of the enhancing gel. But make sure your hair is wet when you’re applying the gel. To effectively control the frizz, use a diffuser with the blow-dryer. 

  • Bloused triangle shape
Bloused triangle shape

When blissed on the hair base, this shape opens up the curls, creating a balance between the volume and the length of your hair. The volume of your hair exists in width, and it starts from your eyes to the shoulders. It is styled by dusting the bottom section of the curls and applying a little bit of elevation. To better accentuate and draw more attention to your eyes, open the curls close to your eyes. The bloused triangle shape haircut works well for shoulder length hair.

  • Long, loose waves
Long, loose waves

Next on our list of best haircuts for curly hair women is the long, loose waves. If you’ve got curly hair, making it wavy, smooth, and bouncy should be on your hairstyle bucket list. Having a long-shaped face shouldn’t stop you from making the hair grow longer; the main objective is to make it have more volume. A hair with more width gives it life, so it has an exciting story to tell.

  • Curly shoulder bob
Curly shoulder bob

Last but not least is the curly shoulder bob. Applying the Diametidx cutting method to this type of shape is essential, especially if you wish to mix the curls while creating a definition. The technique helps the curls to wrap around each other, giving it more length. It will also sustain and give it absolute leverage. Bringing creativity to your hairstyle is essential. To boost things up, use Curlisto’s Protein Boost, with a touch of Finishing Pomade and a bit of Structural Spray. If you’ve got loose to medium curls, then this is for you – undoubtedly one of the best haircuts for curvy women.


Which of these best haircuts for curly hair women do you want to try? Remember, finding the shape or length that suits your style is just the first step; finding a curly hairstylist that’ll professionally style your hair to make sure it fits your style is the next and probably the essential part. However, the two steps are intertwined, and to help you get through the first step, we’ve created a detailed list of some of the best haircuts for curly hair women – take advantage of it today.

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