An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away – True or Fiction?

Children are one of the most curious beings we have ever encountered, and what you feed them is what they retain. When we are talking about feeding, we are going extensively and not referring to eating alone.

What a child hears or watches sticks with them for a long time, which is why parents and guardians need to be careful.

We had an encounter with a child that prompted this article. This child is in the habit of asking his mother for an apple daily, and we discovered that he had influenced other children in the neighborhood. What could be the reason for the apple request?

Interestingly, children tend to follow their mates to do things, so people are always warned about peer pressure. When we asked other kids why they usually request apples, they said it was because of the boy’s trend, and they thought it was cool. Only a few of them said they asked the boy why, and he said an expert mentioned it on TV.

When we had further discussions with this boy, he revealed that one of the ads he watched on TV said that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so he always wanted to be safe. This little boy dreaded visiting the doctor’s office, so he was ready to jump on any trend that will keep the doctor away.

We thought that his actions were cute, but it also got us thinking about many things. It is not new to hear people say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but is this claim valid, or is it fictitious? Thinking about it, who started this claim?

This claim has been passed down to different generations, but many people do not know if it is true. We decided to probe further by researching so that our piece would be rich with adequate information. If you are reading this, you are about to find out if this claim is valid or we have been following it blindly.

Research shows that this saying dates back to the 1800s, with the original phrase ‘Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.’ It typically means that doctors would not make money from you when you eat an apple daily.

Do you know what they say about information? It gets distorted when it moves from one person to another. Thus, the phrase changed over the years and became ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ One can say that it is a shorter version as the former can be a mouthful.

Does eating an apple a day keep the doctors away? Scientific studies disregard this claim as they say that there is no scientific proof. However, due to the numerous benefits of apples, people say that it is valid.

In this article, we would highlight the numerous benefits of eating an apple so that you can decide if those benefits are with the claim and if it would genuinely keep the doctor away.

Some of these claims are:

It is satisfying

It is satisfying

We often see people having apples as their breakfast meal, and one begins to wonder if that would hold their tummy until they have their next meal. Interestingly, these people concur that they feel full whenever they eat an apple.

When you take an apple and drink water, you would find it hard to eat another meal almost immediately. It is why people go for an apple when hungry and do not have access to proper meals. This fruit has been the saving grace of many people.

If we want to relate this factor to the trending saying, we would say that eating an apple keeps the tummy satisfied, thereby ensuring that one does not suffer from ulcer complications. Once this is in place, there would be no need to visit the doctors.

Thus, eating an apple a day truly keeps the doctor away, and this factor verifies the claim.

Helps in the digestion process

Helps in the digestion process

One would imagine how eating an apple would assist in the body system’s digestion process, especially as one of its benefits is that it leaves the tummy full.

You should know that apples are rich in fiber, and this nutrient plays a significant role in the digestion process. There are two types of wool; soluble and insoluble. You can find both forms in apples.

The soluble form helps ensure that you feel full, slows down digestion, and helps in the digestion of glucose. The insoluble form eliminates constipation.

People say that regular apple eaters rarely feel constipated, so we would advocate that you try it out to verify this claim. However, you can try eating apples the next time you are looking for a cure for constipation.

We can also say that since the digestion process is essential and apples play a role in it. The claim about keeping the doctors away is verified.

It is suitable for diabetic patients.

It is suitable for diabetic patients.

It can be challenging to set up a meal plan for a diabetic patient as you need to be careful to ensure that what the person eats would not land them in the hospital. Typically, people would say that it is healthy to eat fruits, but we also know that not all fruits are suitable for diabetic people.

If you have diabetes, it will excite you to know that you can eat apples, so you do not need to stay away from them. Some people might want to argue that it is not suitable, but you should remember that it contains insoluble fiber nutrients, and this plays a role in the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

A diabetic patient always needs to maintain their sugar level to specific ranges, and apples help make this possible. The next time you are thinking of what to remove from your diabetic meal plan, it should not be apples.  

It is suitable for people with asthma.

It is suitable for people with asthma.

Are you asthmatic? Do you know anyone who is asthmatic?

Experts say that eating individual meals would help asthmatic patients have lesser reactions, so these people are always on the lookout to ensure that they are eating right.

If you have ever had an asthma experience, you will concur that it is not a situation to take lightly, and no one wishes to have regular asthma attacks. In this case, an individual would be grateful to have meals they can eat that reduces the attacks’ frequency.

Studies show that apples contain anti-inflammatory compounds. By eating them, you are reducing the response rate of your body system to allergies.

With this case scenario, it is safe to say that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away as the fewer asthma attacks you get, the lesser your frequency of seeing a doctor. If you are asthmatic and have not been eating apples, you should start today!

It is helpful for weight loss.

It is helpful for weight loss.

We see that people engage in exercises frequently because they want to lose weight, and they often go on diets to ensure that this happens. However, allow us to tell you that your diet plan for weight loss is incomplete if there are no apple provisions.

Earlier, we said that eating apples makes you feel full and satisfied, so you do not need to eat more. Instead of eating huge portions of food, you can go for an apple and drink water. This way, you are cutting down on food but not starving yourself at the same time. We would say that it is a win-win situation when such occurs.

It is also best to never forget that apples contain fibers, which play a huge role in weight loss. If you substitute eating apples with your favorite meals that are not healthy, you will notice a significant difference in your weight loss journey.

It serves as protection against stomach injury.

It serves as protection against stomach injury.

We do not know what comes to your mind when you hear stomach injury. For those, one of the first things we would think about is an ulcer.

If you did not know, having an ulcer refers to having injuries on the stomach’s lining. When this happens, there are certain foods you need to avoid, such as spicy meals, so that it would not cause an upset.

Interestingly, these sores or injuries on the stomach’s lining can be caused by some drug intake. Self-medication is not right, and people are always told to take medicines when prescribed by a doctor.

It could be that you are the type to take medications anyhow, giving rise to these injuries. However, eating apples come in handy as they contain chlorogenic acid and catechin, serving as protection for the stomach lining against damages.

It helps to protect the brain.

It helps to protect the brain.

We can all agree that no one likes to be sick, and people fear when the sickness is linked to the brain. One of such diseases is Alzheimer’s. It is a sickness that has the brain cells degenerating, and it affects the overall wellbeing of the affected individual as they cannot carry out regular activities anymore.

Research has shown that eating apples or drinking apple juice can protect the brain due to its nutrients. We are not saying that this is a cure to brain-related diseases, but it comes in handy as a prevention method. After all, it is said that prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

We doubt that you would have a cause to regularly visit the doctor when you eat apples and allow them to play their role. Thus, we can say that it validates the claim of keeping the doctor away.

It is a prevention method for cancer.

It is a prevention method for cancer.

If you ask some people about the deadliest disease in the world today, they would mention cancer. This is because the chances of surviving it are slim and leave people scared.

Thus, people are usually happy when they say that there is a way to prevent getting this disease. We are not saying that those who eat apples would never have cancer as other components also come to play, but you are at a higher risk of avoiding this disease if you eat apples regularly.

Research shows that certain nutrients in apples help boost the body system, helping to fight cancerous cells.

Some people say that cancer is hereditary. If there are cases of having cancer in your family line, you should start eating apples regularly to help you fight off this disease.

Understandably, there are different types of cancer. However, it is not out of place to hope that this method works.

Lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure

Lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure

Different things could cause having high blood pressure, and these factors are usually linked to stress. When a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, you would typically hear experts say that they should cut down on stressful activities and fill their minds with happy thoughts.

It is also advocated that people should not eat meals with high cholesterol to be in perfect health. Thus, it comes in handy when you get a food item that simultaneously reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It could be that you have always loved eating apples, but now you know that there are beneficial as it regulates your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Once this is in place, you do not have business with the doctor’s office any longer.

It becomes hard not to believe that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so we say that the claim is valid when it concerns this factor.

It reduces the chances of getting heart diseases.

It reduces the chances of getting heart diseases.

Being in good health cannot be overrated, so we are thankful when we see a food item beneficial to our health. Interestingly, apples go beyond being a fruit as they reduce your chance of getting heart diseases.

If you did not know, this fruit contains flavonoids, which assists in this process. We earlier mentioned that eating apples help reduce blood pressure, and it is also linked to eliminating the chances of getting heart diseases.

There would be no need for a doctor if you are healthy, so one can say that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The goal is to be in good health to carry out your regular activities without a hassle. After all, regularly visiting the doctor is a stumbling block.   


Experts may say that there is no scientific backing to the claim that eating an apple keeps the doctor away, but we would say that the license is valid and not friction.

After all, its benefits are glaring facts, so it proves hard debating on such. Until there is scientific backing to prove that eating apples are harmful, we would say that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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