50 Fun hobbies for women of all ages and couples

If you are in search of a few hobbies for women of all ages and couples, then you’ve come across an enlightening piece. The truth is, surfing the internet for all of these shows you wish to improve your health (both mental and physical), and trust me when I say you are on the right path.

Research reveals that we’ll spend approximately twenty-three hours every week on social media, email, and texting in general.

There are numerous things one can engage in leisure times to keep the mind entertained. The standard solution is social media, a vast field of information that can be harmful and harmless, depending on how you translate the information you get from it. What you feel during and after you can be very important for mental health and overall wellbeing.

Hence, specialists recommend that you only engage in things that stimulate your mental strength while making you happy. You should enjoy it while you do it.

There is a lot to gain when trying out some of these real-world fun hobbies for women and men alike. Any athletic or physical recreation will make anyone stronger, healthier, and fit in general. Most hobbies have emotional and mental benefits too.

Choosing a hobby, and turning it into something you love doing, will ensure that you create a “me” time for yourself. What’s a better way to escape from the day to day hustle (which, by the way, can get monotonous if you aren’t careful)? In this piece, we’ll show you some of the best hobbies for women.


  • Writing
hobbies for women and couples

First on our list of fun hobbies for women is writing. Here’s one hobby that can give you a massive mental release. Interestingly, you don’t have to be professional to get started. First and foremost, you’ll need to pick up a journal, write short poems or stories, or even random thoughts and good ideas you have running through your head. Jotting down ideas and thoughts in general will make you feel better daily. You should invest in creative writing tutorials/classes.

  • Going to the cinema

With many sites specially designed for video streaming like Amazon and Netflix, you might feel a little bit tempted to watch these movies at home, but it wouldn’t be fun in the long run. Watching movies isn’t the first thing that’d come to mind when looking for some of the best hobbies for women, but it does fit in.

Instead, remember how exciting it is to sit with a bowl of popcorn in a theatre? Well, rather than binge-watching these movies alone at home, you could see a compelling film with friends and plan to see a new flick monthly.

  • Adult painting/coloring books
hobbies for women and couples

We’ve witnessed the break-out of adult coloring books. Fact is, painting is fun. It is also a mindful activity that helps you reduce stress and stimulates your creativity as well. Teachers taught us this as kids, and adult painting pads remind you of the joy that came with a book specifically designed for you.

  • Watch interesting documentaries 

Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and lots of other providers offer exciting documentaries that you’ll find entertaining, funny, educational, and of course, scary too.

Surf the internet and do research on a list of some top documentary genres and where you’d wish to see them. Next, invite your friends for a treat and binge-watch your favorite documentaries. Add your favorite glass of juice or wine, and you’ll all have unforgettable moments to share

  • Listening to music

Trust me; a hobby idea doesn’t necessarily have to be hands-on. We all listen to different music tunes – our taste in music isn’t the same. However, we rarely try out something different. It is ok to listen to other genres of music. Listening to music isn’t just one of the fun hobbies for women; it works for both genders.

We have many music genres, and new musicians offer a massive variety of them for you to try out. You just have to open up to the many possibilities. Create a hobby off of it and check out new artists or music on music streaming apps weekly.

  • Trying out Board Games

Remember playing this game when you were bored as a kid or during rainy days? Once you began playing, it was so thrilling you didn’t want it to end. These board games are exciting and an excellent way to connect with both family and friends. A challenging board game keeps you active all the time.

  • Reselling your unused items
hobbies for women and couples

if you’ve got clothes or any other stuff you’d love to get rid of at home? Is there stuff you no longer use? Have you also created something worth selling? They can make a few bucks by putting them up for sale. It could be your items or goods you buy at any mark-up.

There are many eCommerce websites where you can resell your times – sites like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy are great online platforms to sell these products with little or no effort.

  • Puzzles

Yep, you heard that correctly! Similar to board games, puzzles like the jigsaw help improve your memory, help your cognitive processes, focus, as well as your creativity. You can also work on your own or simply enjoy it with family and friends.

  • Learning some magic tricks

Learning magic is one of the fun hobbies for women. Entertain your friends and family by learning the art of magic. You’ll also entertain yourself while at it. From simple card tricks down to bending spoons, these are some of the tricks which can help you engage your mind, primarily as you keep learning and practicing them. The summary here is – you’ll be entertaining yourself and everyone around you with these magic tricks.

  • Recording audiobooks

Speaking of hobbies that could earn you a little cash, recording audiobooks can be more than just a hobby when you indeed take it seriously. With the growing popularity, the prospects keep keeping growing. So the question is, why not make it an exciting and lucrative hobby? If you enjoy reading, it could be the new path you’ve been waiting for. So, go on! Create a new way for yourself.

  • Playing card games

Decades ago, my siblings taught me how to play bridge, and I remember sitting with them a the beach every evening, and we played for hours after dinner. Well, that was then. However, there are tons of fun card games to try out today if you wish to learn and engage your brain. Playing card games is so much fun and engaging.

  • Researching one’s genealogy

Another idea from our box of inspiration regarding fun hobbies for women is researching one’s genealogy.

If you’ve got time in your hands, you could use this opportunity to trace your roots. It’s an exciting hobby that’ll serve your family as well. It would also favor your future generations for decades.

Researching your genealogy involves curiosity and organizational skills. It also leads to a deep understanding of where you originated from – your root, to be precise.

  • Vlogging
hobbies for women and couples

Still on hobbies that could fetch you a few bucks, creating YouTube content is one of these. If you are an expert in any field, like cooking, makeup, knitting, decorating, or any other exciting thing you can share with others, then try out video blogging or vlogging. Who knows? You could be the next YouTuber by just sharing your expertise or interest.

  • Acting in a local theatre group
hobbies for women and couples

Interestingly, professional actors started from the ‘bottom’ too. Most communities have acting schools or local theatre groups. If that’s not the case with your community, then you can create a group.

“why acting?” you might ask. It enhances your communication skills, and you’ll also get to meet new and exciting people. You feel more confident when you start acting.

  • Butterfly gardening

You can create a unique garden that’ll attract butterflies (lots of them)? To do this, you need to know more about different species of butterflies. Do qualitative research on butterfly guide – they can help with identifying these species. You should also know the other plants native to your region that attracts local butterflies.

  • Doing crossword puzzles

If you love seeking out words with a touch of difficulty, then crossword puzzles could be the right hobby for you. According to research, solving crossword has many mental benefits, improves your vocabulary, and cuts down dementia risks. It also forces you to focus, putting you in a relaxed and satisfying state.

There are large print puzzles in Brain Games (on amazon) – these are puzzlers with progressively more challenging designs.

  • Try out brain training.

Irrespective of your age, the need to keep your brains active and sharp and your minds are working optimally still stay the same. Most especially as you grow old, we need to train our brains to help prevent concentration issues and memory loss.

If you are training your brain, you are ultimately shielding your mind while also making sure that you stay agile, mentally, into your old age. Start this hobby, coupled with many brain training mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Collecting items  

Collecting items is undoubtedly one of the best hobbies for women of all ages. For a mother and daughter bonding, ordering your favorite things is an excellent idea. It’s a perfect time for bonding and relaxation as well.

What better way to enjoy the aesthetics of whatever you are collecting and learning to appreciate antiques or history. It’s the hunt for something – it could be figurines, rare stamps, beautiful art, or old books. Safe to say, it’s an exciting hobby to try out.

  • Couponing

Couponing lets you save money, plus it is exciting too. If you are the type who enjoys finding deals, this is one hobby for you. Couponing involves using coupons to buy items at low prices by knowing the exact cost of that particular item, the best deal, and how much to buy to last till the next sales period.

  • Enjoying birdwatching

Fun fact: there are over 85 million Americans currently enjoying observing, feeding, and taking pictures of wild birds. Next to this exciting hobby is gardening. How do you start? Pretty easy! All you need is a National Geographic guide (for bird field) and a good binocular. Or you can use designated birdwatching apps on your smartphone.

  • Tent Camping

What better way to get close to nature than tent camping? If you are the wilderness-loving type, then you’ll enjoy camping in the wilderness. There are lots of beautiful states and national parks in the U.S (attach the Spokane article link to “beautiful states and national parks”) that are well-equipped with safe campsites too. 

  • Biking for fun

A lot of people tend to think biking is for men, but that’s not true. Biking is one of the fun things to do in your spare time. It’s a form of exercise that’s great for your joints. If you’ve got great trails in your community, this is the right time to consider biking.

  • Inline Skating

Also called Rollerblading, Inline Skating is a great way to enjoy precious time outdoors. It helps to improve your core strength, coordination, and balance.

You shouldn’t be scared; inline skating is one of the low impact exercises that help you build confidence, lets you have a great time while also shedding some of that weight off.

  • Horseback Riding

You might be wondering what Horseback Riding is doing on this list of fun hobbies for women. Well, horseback riding isn’t new, though imagining sitting on a horse, riding through a Greenfield or a woodland trail isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes practice, which is why it’s best to start now. Doing this gives you that sense of adventure and a great feel of total freedom. Start with guarded trails if you are new to it.

  • Floral Ranging

Have you heard of floral ranging? Do you know what it is? Did you know that flowers have a positive impact on happiness and overall emotional health? Well, now, you do. The question is, why not spend some time creating a beautiful flower arrangement? They are unique gifts or an excellent idea for decorating the rooms in your home.

  • Dog walking
hobbies for women and couples

Dog walking is also an excellent idea, especially if you love dogs and the outdoors. Many shelters need dog walkers, and what better way than volunteer to walk a man’s best friend? It’s alright if you don’t want to own one, but when you start dog walking, you’ll derive pleasure doing it.

  • Flower gardening

The saying, “gardening helps you connect with nature,” is no cliché. It doesn’t just connect with nature; planting trees, flowers, or vegetables give you great satisfaction, especially when you see the fruit of your labor.

  • Calligraphy
hobbies for women and couples

One of the hobbies for women to try out is calligraphy. Interestingly, Steve Job’s designed his first computer based on the calligraphy skills he acquired in college. Anyways, that aside, here’s one gift regarded by the “legend” Confucius as the “six arts” and a path to help you refine your temperament. You can learn the skill to begin a small business designing invitations and other cards or simply learn calligraphy for fun.

  • Pressed Flower Crafting 
hobbies for women and couples

Flower pressing is all about drying flower petals and leaves – the ones you find outside in a flower press. Pressing flowers changes the color and flattens it. Pressing flowers is an art form in Japan and China. You can use it in different craft projects. You can also mount them on wood furnishings, special paper, and fabrics.

  • Jewelry making
hobbies for women and couples

Any craft store around you has a variety of beads and wires for making jewelry. You might enjoy touring around specialty stores with a vast selection of precious stones and beads. It is a fantastic hobby for creativity and a medium to your gifts to family and friends.

  • Cross-stitch or Embroidery
hobbies for women and couples

You might think of characters from a Jane Austin novel. However, embroidery keeps growing in popularity. You can enjoy the embroidery group or form one in your community to make a social event off of it.

  • Knitting or Crocheting
hobbies for women and couples

Like jewelry making, knitting and crocheting are a form of creative craft that can help you relax. You can make tons of beautiful things; you have to imagine them and breathe life into them with your creativity. Both Knitting and crocheting are interesting hobbies for women – one of which you need to try out today.

  • Creating Mosaic Art
hobbies for women and couples

We’ve read stories of people creating unique mosaic art from tiles, sea glass, and broken ceramic. And just as you might have imagined, these are things you’d probably want to throw away, and that’s where the beauty of Mosaic art lies because rather than throwing these things out, you end up creating something stunning from it. You can make decorative platters, garden art, jewelry, decorative platters, or anything you can imagine.

  • Painting 
hobbies for women and couples

It’s ok if you’ve just discovered your ability to paint; come on, not everyone was born to be Leonardo Da Vinci, so go easy on the self-bashing. It’s never too late! And if you think you don’t have what it takes, well, think again, because everyone can improve on anything.

  • Creating Greeting Cards
hobbies for women and couples

Greeting card making is one other fun hobby to try out. It’s time to bring back the art of sending cards by making one yourself. Handcrafted cards make for a real gift. If you need ideas, you can head on to Pinterest – it’ll help you get started.

  • Creating ceramic pottery
hobbies for women and couples

Our list of fun hobbies for women wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t add ceramic pottery. Start by only taking a pottery class – it could be on skillshare or at a local art center near you. Invest in different tutorials before you get started.

  • Quilting

Quilting was once a social activity. We can all relive that, as it is still gratifying, creative, and fun. You get to pick the pattern and select the fabrics as well – many things make this an enjoyable activity. Quilts were once essential household items. How do you start? You need fabric, a specially designed quilt sewing machine, and some other quilting supplies – voila!

  • Practicing photography
hobbies for women and couples

Here’s one hobby that’s gotten so much better and easier thanks to the growth of technology. Now, you can take stunning pictures with your Smartphone. However, if you wish to take things up a notch, consider taking photography tutorials and getting a good camera.

  • Interior Design
hobbies for women and couples

If you have an eye for creating stunning spaces, why not make a hobby of it? Learn more about design by taking an interior design tutorial.  Use the acquired skills to redecorate your home or help your family and friends create their dream space.

  • Jogging or Running
hobbies for women and couples

What do you get when you mix cheap, easy, and healthy together? You guessed right – running or jogging! It’s relatively easy, and all you need is a pair of running shoes. If you haven’t done this before, many running apps on your mobile phone can help.


  • Go rock climbing together
hobbies for women and couples

Rock climbing is not just one of the fun hobbies for women; it’s also an excellent idea for couples.

To go rock climbing, you don’t have to be a risk-taker. Both of you can hit up a rock climbing gym for an excellent workout. Interestingly, climbing walls are way better than your standard treadmill. But a note of warning, going rock climbing isn’t as easy as you think.

  • Volunteer

Volunteering isn’t just a good thing to do; research also shows that it (volunteering) can improve your physical and mental health, well-being, and life satisfaction. Get hold of your partner and try out a hobby that supports and enhances society’s entire well-being.

  • Tie-Dying 
hobbies for women and couples

Tie-dying is a hobby that delivers lots of fun; both of you (you and your significant other) should consider investing your time in a little tie-dye.

  • A book club for two

I’m sure you want a “lone time” with your significant other. You can get that by starting a book club for two. View it as an opportunity to bond by simply picking books both of you can read together.

  • Virtual wine tasting 

Here is your chance to turn your love for vino into an opportunity to learn a difference from a virtual wine tasting date. Wind down together while sipping on your favorite wine. Wine tasting could help strengthen your bond.

  • Redecorating your living space
hobbies for women and couples

No doubt, one of the main enemies of romance is boredom. Sometimes, the solution could be as simple as altering and redecorating your living space. Redecorating helps to promote collaboration, and doing it as couples offer an opportunity to get their creativity fluid flowing in a synchronized fashion.

  • Try out virtual museums.

Take regular trips to virtual museums with your spouse. Museums are excellent sources of informal education that offer couples a chance to explore their interest further together – trust me, that would be romantic.

  • Virtual Fitness Classes
hobbies for women and couples

Due to the current pandemic, you probably want to wait things out. However, there are certain things you can do while you are locked indoors with your significant other. For instance, you can start with a virtual fitness class. Get sweaty and keeps your romantic juice flowing.

  • Cook together
hobbies for women and couples

Cooking together fosters intimacy, connection, communication with your partner. If this isn’t new to both of you (that is, you’d fall in the category of “I make dinner, you do the dishes” couple), then spice things up by cooking together.

  • Meditate

Lastly, on our list of hobbies for women and couples is meditation. Tell me, what does meditation look like when you take it up as a couple? Less time chit-chatting with others or scrolling through your social media feeds, spending more time together, and creating an eternal connection.


At the end of it all, you might feel uncomfortable trying out these new activities, and you can always pick from any of these hobbies for women.  However, you need to push yourself and get out of that comfort zone – you know what they say about that: the thrills of life start at the very end of your comfort zone. So tell us, did you find a hobby that you’d like to try out? Let us know!

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